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The Beatitudes-Heavenly Living on Earth

Jesus proclaimed these profound blessings and promises immediately prior to his Sermon on the Mount. Their purpose are to enable us to be his salt and light in this world,to deepen our relationship with Him, and to live the Kingdom life on earth. The BEatitudes are all about BEing for God: to BE in full fellowship with him; to BE the “who” he created you to be; to BE sensitive to his Spirit working around you; to BE his effective instrument; and to BE more beautiful before him. The Beatitudes will elevate your spiritual walk. Each Beatitude will require you to surrender of a piece of your heart and in the end you’ll be remade, and so glad you did! Take up the Beatitudes Quest and help carry its message to our generation today!

This website will introduce you to the various materials needed to conduct this study, give you opportunity to preview and purchase them, and we encourage you share your Beatitude experiences with others on this pilgrimage!

Very Special Thanks to David Hicks for filming, editing, and producing the video introduction

Marlin Harris, our dear father, husband, and brother succumbed to the devastating effects of ALS in May of this year (2017). Our plan is to keep this site active for now. If you wish to order a book, it can be purchased on Amazon.com. It was Marlin’s wish to have his book continue to minister to everyone as they came to better understand these important words of Jesus.  Thanks to you all for visiting his site, and also for your inspirational comments concerning his work .        

The Family of Marlin Harris

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