God Can Use Anybody

At the Cross

At the Cross our origin counts for nothing.

The past is in the past with a heavenly future to begin.

What better life awaits than allowing God to make you the “who” He created you to be?

Jesus is now the centerpiece of your life.

Taking you to where you were meant to be!

Faithful Jesus, Healing Savior, Compass, Center, Bread of Life.

Faithful Jesus, Cherished Treasure, Our Portion, Wisdom, God’s Great Light!

From “Center“, by Charlie Hall

God specializes in using “nobodies” to become great “somebodies” for him!

One of the Bible’s greatest nobodies was the shepherd boy, David.David vs Goliath His primary possession was a heart tender toward God. David’s relationship with God dawned on the hill country terrain watching, not only his father’s flocks, but gazing in wonder at the night sky of creation and letting God’s grandeur seep into him. God was David’s protector as he defended his sheep from nature’s fiercest predators and fell the giant Goliath.  God grew David’s innocent heart and exuberant soul into a great warrior, writer of powerful psalms, and the mightiest king of His chosen people.

Peter was a mere fisherman, toiling on the Sea of Galilee, when JesusJesus rescues Peter invaded his world with an invitation to become a “fisher of men” and walk with Him.  Peter was impulsive—always ready to act, to speak out, to set an example.  He dared step out onto the treacherous sea to approach his Lord. He was the first to acknowledge Jesus as the Christ, the Son of the Living God. Yet Peter was sometimes his own worst enemy: dismissing his Lord’s prophesy of His imminent suffering and death, refusing Jesus’ initial attempt to wash his feet, and denying his Savior three times after swearing he would die for Him. But in the end, Christ’s mercy made Peter “the rock” and a dynamic  disciple and world changer of his day.

But sometimes God makes “somebodies” into nobodies for His Purposes.

The paramount example is Our Lord Jesus Christ, who was One with God, the Prince of Heaven, stepping out of eternity to become a minute human being limited by space and time. On earth Jesus experienced our every emotion, temptation, frustration, and pain. If anyone became a nobody compared to His previous state, it was Our Lord Jesus Christ. And His Father, from whom Jesus drew His daily sustenance, had to turn His back to His Own Son at the very moment He needed Him most! Jesus on the crossWhen our sins were place upon Jesus His Holy Father had to depart from Him because He could have nothing to do with sin. Jesus and His Father both went to the extreme extreme for each of us!

Moses began as a nobody hidden in the reeds of the Nile. Then he became a somebody “son of Pharaoh” living in the epicenter of the world of that day. Yet Moses forsook his royal rights to identify with his own Hebrew people and was exiled to the dessert where he shepherded the flocks of Jethro. Then God made Moses a nobody from a somebody to prepare him to rescue His people from savage slavery and guide a stiff-necked nation to the Promised Land. Moses permitted no distractions to detour him from God’s great plan—his humble determination allowed God to function fully in him. Through Moses God generated a possibility for many generations to come.

So, whether a nobody or a somebody, God wants to accomplish His Will through you!

As a nobody, never sell yourself short to God’s great plan.

As a somebody, never say no, whether it is a move up or down.

Place one step steadily in front of the other, and see what God will do.

Because He precisely orders the footsteps of His followers, every me and you!

See how the meekness of Moses made him a grand instrument of God!

BEcoming the “who” God created you to be

The Beatitudes are God’s Promised Land for every believer, that territory where he yearns for us to live and experience complete fullness of him!  “I come to give you life, and life in abundance,” promised Jesus.  Our Creator God so cherishes his creation that, through Christ, he wants to make us ever greater in him, ever closer to him, and ever more useful for him.  This is why he wants each of us to BEcome the “who” he created us to be.

How we BEcome the ‘who” we were created to be…

  • Seek God with all your heart. God promises that all who earnestly seek him will find him, his kingdom, his righteousness, and great spiritual rewards. You don’t need a road map, a GPS, or any other device to find God—just a sincerely seeking heart and he will find you!
  • Walk in his ways.   Joshua declared, “…obey his commands, hold fast to him, and serve him with all your heart and all your soul.” Solomon walked with “integrity of heart and uprightness.” True walkers don’t “faint”.  They “walk humbly” with our God.  Jesus promises, “Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” We must walk faithfully and confidently wherever he takes us, regardless of the terrain. Such faith is a 4 x 4 that can go anywhere 4ever.
  • Be used for God’s glory.  Peter instructs, “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in various forms.”  When we know God and walk with him we become an effective instrument for his noble purposes, useful to the Master, and prepared to do any good work.  Perhaps we are not aware of our “preparedness,” but God’s timing is always “nano” perfect!

In the Beatitudes book each chapter opens with the strategic “Beatitude moment” that unleashed a key biblical character to become the “who” God created them to be. Following are three brief examples:

Paul's Conversion communityofhopeinc.orgBlessed are the poor in spirit, for they shall see the Kingdom of HeavenSaul, a proud and haughty Pharisee had convinced himself that he was God’s chosen instrument to exact holy judgment on all followers of The Way.  But Jesus seized Paul’s attention on the road to Damascus where his paramount pride withered while his spiritual poverty blossomed as he lay his life before Christ. Paul became God’s Gospel messenger to the gentiles, a people he previously scorned, and also authored over half the New Testament!

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comfortedAbraham & Isaac cojs.orgAbraham could not understand why God required the sacrifice of his only, adored, and long awaited son.  With no son how could he father a race as numerous as the stars in the sky?  Yet Abraham solidly obeyed God, escorting Isaac up Mount Moriah to return him back to God.  At the very instant before he was about to plunge the knife into the heart of his beloved son, God cried, “STOP!”  Abraham and Isaac reveled in unspeakable consolation as God provided a substitute sacrifice, preserved the lineage of his promised people, and marked the future Temple Mount.

Blessed are the Pure in Heart, for they shall see GodThe forceful finger jeered in his face. “David, you are the man!” declared Nathan the prophet.  This cataclysmic accusation by God’s Nathan reproving Davidmessenger brought Israel’s greatest king to his knees and complete transparency with his Creator.  His lust laden sin and self saving plan were now public.  David poured out his heart, desperately pleading with God to remove this gigantic offense. He could not live separate from his First Love. God’s mercy always forgives sincerely confessed secret sin that deprives us of our fullest relation with him. A pure heart can truly see God, but any and all impurity must first be excised by the Divine Surgeon Himself!

God wants YOU to become “the ‘who’ he created you to be”!  Walk in a lockstep relationship with Our Lord, live fully in his Spirit, and

God wants YOU to be His WHO constantly seek how to serve Our King. That is the “why” he created us!  What greater blessing can we have in this life than to BE who God created us to be, and live the life he has for us—to live as Our Savior did upon this earth!

View the following powerful video about Jesus’ life on this earth!

Mac Powell (Third Day) Inspired by The Story “When Love Sees You”

Welcome to the Land of the Beatitudes

This book is about God and the powerful place he seeks to occupy within each of us, the incredible spiritual pleasures he seeks to bestow upon us, and the prevailing purpose he seeks to instill in us to live a life that is truly worth living. My fervent desire is that “this generation” of believers in Christ will take up the Beatitudes Quest to walk even closer with God and impact their fellow man more powerfully for Christ.

Below is a map of the Land of the Beatitudes which visually portrays how each Beatitude will impact a believer’s life in a purposefully and sequenced order.

land of the beatitudes, Marlin J. Harris, Let the Beatitudes be my attitude in you

Each Beatitude experience requires surrendering a piece of your heart to God to make that portion of your heart even greater!

Marlin J. Harris, Let the Beatitudes be my attitude in you, cross, enter by the crossTo enter the Land of the Beatitudes one must first set aside any and all spiritual pride to take up the Cross of Christ because He did it all!  We have done nothing! As the poor in spirit, we recognize our total spiritual poverty before the exhilarating majesty of a God who loves us, in spite of who we are. We contemplate his greatness and grandeur as the Creator of the Universe and intricate designer of every organism within it. Now a true perspective enables us to understand our place in the Kingdom of God.

marshlands, Marlin J Harris, Let the Beatitudes be my attitude in you

As mourners, whether from bitterness, loss or remorse, we must release our burdens to Christ and depend totally on God. We relegate all sorrow to the past and depart from the Marshlands of the Mourning.  Jesus yearns to carry that wearisome weight for us and give us unsurpassable peace and freedom in him!


mirrored mountains, Marlin. J Harris, Let the Beatitudes be my attitude in youMeekness is found when we relegate the demanding ME to the back seat of our life. We voluntarily submit ourselves to the Mirrored Mountains of Meekness where Christ will shine through us.  This is a struggling “submit” to accomplish but in his strength it is possible. From the summit Above so much more of his Kingdom is now clearly visible!

With these three severe spiritual distractions cast aside, we salivate for the abounding rich ridge of righteousness, righteousness, Marlin J. Harris, Let the Beatitudes be my attitude in youknowledge of God’s wondrous righteousness to fill us to overflowing.  His righteousness is found in his Word—both in Scripture and in the living Person of Christ in us.  We eagerly saturate ourselves in both Words on the Rich Ridge of Righteousness! There are no boundaries for those who sincerely seek him and earnestly feast daily on his Word.  We come to know and understand him so much more deeply.

cavern of mercy, Marlin J. Harris, Let the Beatitudes be my attitude in youThe supremacy of his mercy is unlocked to us, his great reaching down for us when we were trapped alone in that Dark Cavern without his powerful presence in our lives.  Personal experience and spiritual knowledge abound our understanding of True Love and sacrifice. This depth and debt of mercy penetrates our soul and compels us put it to practice with everyone around us.

A true love relationship with God requires total transparency.  We implore him to revealpuring valley of the pure of heart, pure of heart, Marlin J. Harris, Let the Beatitudes be my attitude in you any impurity and eagerly lay it before him.  Such confession requires a deep descent into the Purging Valley of the Pure in Heart. We desperately desire God to make our hearts pure and eagerly renounce all impurities to him as he looks us square in the eye and heart!

the vineyard of the peacemakers, Marlin J Harris, Let the Beatitudes be my attitude in youNow, we can see the world as he sees it, a Vineyard to work his Peace. Such vision propels us to strive to be peacemakers in every life he brings across our path.  We are protagonists for his purposes to pursue his peace on this earth. We are “difference makers” for God in this world. We are his vessels and instruments to be used here!

Peacemaking and purposeful witness brings  persecution in a world that opposes God. On the Precipices of Persecution we may suffer daily “in pieces” or be sacrificed all at once, however we find ourselves at dizzying spiritual heights and are willing to pay the price whatever it may be!   The welcoming gates of heaven await our arrival at his perfect time.precipices of the persecuted, Marlin J Harris, Let the Beatitudes be my attitude in you

The Beatitudes equip us to live as power-filled saints in this world and become well equipped citizens one day in heaven.

Original drawings by Marlin Harris,                                             Finished illustrations by Ralph Mark, Jr.                                          Map designed and composed by Donovan Harris

Let the Beatitudes Be My Attitude in YOU … Begin the Quest

Let the Beatitudes be my attitude in your, beatitudes, Marlin HarrisLet the Beatitudes Be My Attitude in You is about allowing God to become a greater part of who you are and how to live as Jesus did upon this earth!  Each Beatitude will require you to surrender a piece of your heart to God.  These powerful spiritual principles empower us to become the “who” God created us to be. We must not pass them by!

This book shares a “life-centered” perspective about how the Beatitudes will bless every believer, beautify them before God, and reveal a heavenly treasure trove of unimaginable spiritual riches.

The Pilgrimage to WestBow Press

Most of us have developed a “bucket list” of special things we wish to accomplish in life. tractor, Marlin J. Harris, Let the Beatitudes be my attitude in youLong ago I noted the desire to write a book; however, I never found time to begin, nor had any specific subject in mind.  Then, unexpectedly, while on my tractor cutting a hay field, as I had just finished reciting the Beatitudes a profound thought swept across my mind, “why not let the Beatitudes be My attitude in you?”  “Wow,” I thought, “having an attitude like that would make a tremendous difference in any believer’s life!  And, then, what a great title for a book!”  In the Preface of the book I share how God led that inspiration to become this reality.

twins, Marlin J. Harris, Let the Beatitudes be my attitude in you

Kate & Marlin with their twin boys

In life it is sometimes difficult to understand exactly where God is leading us.  Now, on “this side” of the writing experience, I can look back and see how, unbeknownst to me, He had long been preparing me to author this book. Writing had been infused in my blood and creativity in my genes.  My mother was a professional journalist and my father an electrical engineer and prolific inventor.

Professionally, God also had steered me into three distinct careers to prepare me as a writer.  As a healthcare administrator for 20 years, God taught me to see the “big picture” that is so important in planning and visualizing the “end result”. Also critical is effective communication with all types of people.  In 15 years of foreign missionary service, God assumed an even more integral part of my life as my treasured and daily Confidant, Friend and Guide.   He was always there right beside me when crises reared their ugly heads attempting to avert or deter our hospital ministry.  Yet his victorious always prevailed!Centro Médico Bautista, missionary, Marlin J. Harris, Let the beatitudes be my attitude in you

Dependence on Our Lord quickly became a daily addiction from which I will never let go, especially in this adventure to become an author for him.  In my third career as an educator of 12 years the daily challenge is to engage your students with your passion—for me with the beautiful language of Spanish. In just this way every author seeks to engage and involve their readers through their written word.

Through these weekly Beatitudes Blogs my prayer is that Our Lord will draw you to explore His Beatitudes on the personal plane of your life and to discover the “who” he created you to be.   It is a life changing quest—Take it up today!