The Beatitudes Bible Study –A group experience!


“In the opening pages of his book, “Let the Beatitudes BE My Attitude in You, Marlin Harris says that the “Beatitudes are character-building callings from the Master himself to take up a sacred quest to become the person God created you to be.” I couldn’t agree more.

The Beatitudes have the potential for transforming our lives if we truly understand the meaning behind Jesus’ words. Jesus calls us to love God with all our heart, soul, and mind; and then, out of that love, serve others. It is a call to a relationship, not just a checklist of do’s and don’ts. The Beatitudes remind us we that are blessed; that we will have a deeper joy when we follow His teachings.”

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—Wanda S. Lee, National Executive Director, Women’s Missionary Union, Southern Baptist Convention, former missionary nurse to St. Vincent, Windward Islands, and author of The Story Lives On and Live The Call

Shortly after distributing copies of “Let the Beatitudes BE My Attitude in You” toward theBeatitudes Study Cover_GroupLeader[1] end of last year, several persons shared that they felt God was directing them to conduct a group Bible study on The Beatitudes, using the book as their guide.  Through them the Lord “messaged” me to develop a Group Leader Guide to provide a “group experience” of the Beatitudes.  Honestly, I believe that the Beatitudes can be even more powerful when various individuals can share this study in an experience together.


We are currently setting up a Quest for the Beatitudes website where group My heart like Your Heartleaders will be able to review and download materials to assist them in their group study. Powerpoint presentations can be downloaded to provide strong visual support for each study. YouTube links to videos for various songs quoted in the book will be available, as well as very moving musical excerpts from The Story.

A new dawningA “Beatitudes moment” is the pivotal point in each lesson to bring home the main message of that Beatitude. At the conclusion of every lesson are suggested outside class activities to become even more familiar more with each Beatitude. Each study may require up to an hour and a half to fully experience all the components presented in the Group Leader Guide, but the lessons are designed to be flexible so that the leader can accommodate the study to the different needs, interests, and time constraints of the group.

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Jesus desires that his Beatitudes message impact this generation and you can play a very important role in helping to make this happen! The Beatitudes have been lying relatively untouched for two thousand years and God wants them to become a dynamic part of who we are as his followers.

cross and hands--testifying of GodIn today’s world people enjoy group experiences, particularly one interlaced with discussions, music, videos, and unique group experiences. Each study members will have a variety of experiences, but always toward the same end goal—to fully experience every Beatitude, allowing God to become greater and even more personal in their lives, as is His supreme longing with each of His children.



The Beatitudes Bible Study Group Leader Guide is being published with Crossbooks ofCrossbooks LifeWay and should be in production in a month to six weeks.  I will keep you posted on this blog site, Facebook page—Marlin J Harris—Let the Beatitudes, and via Twitter (MarlinHarris1) as soon as I know a specific date.  The website will be launched shortly before the book production so that the materials will be ready and waiting on Group Leaders.


I deeply thank all of you who have followed the Beatitudes Blog each week. I pray that the Lord will lead you to guide one or more groups through this Group Study, impact many lives around you, and then that your group members will do the same. Discipleship is God’s design for growth—first within each of us, and then out to others.

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Marlin J. Harris -This blog will continue with additional messages related to the Beatitudes, and others that the Lord has placed on my heart over the last months.  I pray Our Lord’s greatest blessings on each of you and thank you for your faithful interest in the Beatitudes. Let’s keep this Quest going! Please post your interest in the Group Leader Guide in the comments section and–I’ll get right back in touch regarding any questions and to share additional details!