We Are Leaves on a Tree

tree of life

Consider the vital role of leaves in supporting life for our world. In leaf unfurlingspringtime they emerge and unfurl to take on crucial “respiring responsibilities” to absorb carbon dioxide for their tree and convert it to oxygen for other living creatures.

They take in the “bad air” and transform it to “good air” for our planet to thrive.photosynthesis diagram  Leaves use the life giving energy of the sun to power photosynthesis, that complex physiological process producing the oxygen essential for mankind and the animal kingdom of our world. The primary purpose of leaves is to channel CO2 to their tree and provide life-giving breath for our planet.

tree in fallAnd then when their “tree time” ends, they further invest themselves as enriching nutrients to the soil surrounding the roots of the same tree they served in life.

leaves on a treeAs leaves of the Body of Christ our task is so similar—to take in the spiritual energy of Our Son and channel that power to radiate life-giving love to all around us.

light through the leafThe Spirit of Jesus Christ in us acts just as transformational as photosynthesis does  in leaves. His Presence in us will  positively impact our environment with the “good love” that dispels “bad love”, causing it to disappear. Our Son Light is seen in the compelling expressions, actions, and reactions of love that usher others to God’s gift of eternal life. This is our essential mission in life.leaves of love

However, just like leaves, we will one day find ourselves in the “October of life” and the beginning of our “fall”. leaf fallingWhy do we call this season “fall”? Like leaves our formerly green and flexible “soul stems” attaching us to the Tree of Life have now become crisp and brittle twigs. The never ceasing winds of life will soon detach us from our “earthly tree”.  Like leaves we fall individually to the earth, but we’re not alone. Many crusty companions await us “on the ground”.leaves waiting on others

And together we rejoice in our ”soul” purpose of having offered life to our world.  photosynthesisAs members of the Body of Christ our “leaf life” has been the perpetual release of the oxygenizing Gospel message of Christ to all those around us–the essence of our existence.

Just like leaves….
We each have a life cycle to complete,
We each fall eventually to the ground,
We each should leave valuable nutrients for our world.
What leaf legacy will we deposit to enrich spiritual soil for successive generations?

Think about this.

tree with no leavesWhat would a tree be with no leaves? Eventually dead. Even as their roots strive to draw nourishment from the soil, their leaves are vital for the tree’s life and productive process.

we are leavesLeaves evidence a living tree—one that it is alive. In the same way our active witness are the visible leaves that demonstrate we are “living” Christians. This testimony enhances our environment and offers spiritual promise to others.

 Like leaves emit oxygen, we must exude the essence of eternal life for others. When time comes for our “fall”, and we have fallen, our spiritual legacy remains to enrich the generations to follow. Future generations can stand on our example, life lessons, and testimony as they begin to build their own heritage.

leave legacy

We like leaves one day must “leave” and our “leaf of life” must leave a spiritual heirloom to keep the message of Christ flowing. The majestic current of Christ has been coursing through generation to  generation for over 2,000 years. If we are not active and effective leaves our world could become a desert. Yet Christ living in us will never allow that to happen.
leaf and fruit“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”

John 15:5

Spiritual Lessons from Squirrels

squirrel4Our front yard is a sprawling Embassy Suites of squirrel-dom. Trees teem with their astonishing agility, races across branches, fearless leaps from one tree to another in a seamless trail, and swirling around the trunks in endless circles. It is amazing to observe their amazing antics and ability to live life considerably removed from the ground.Squirrel18
As I watch these wondrous creatures spiritual snippets race through my mind. For example, just as they live the majority of their existence “off the ground”, so should we. Although our feet are in full contact every day with the world, Our Lord shares that we are not to be “of the world”. Squirrels present us the challenging role model to reside in the celestial and spiritual habitat that God has designed for his children.
Squirrel13Another attribute of squirrels are their high metabolism which produce a constant appetite. They are never-ending nibblers, incessantly ingesting needed nutrition to feed their ever increasing energy level. They know where and what to dig for and devour. Our spiritual metabolism should be at this same level, with a desperate urge to fill ourselves with His Word. God promises that we will be filled to overflowing, yet will never become overweight in our spiritual knowledge. Likened to squirrels’ anxious appetites our consumption of God’s Word is an urgent and increasing need as we move through life.

Squirrels are natural “hoarders” permanently packing nuts away for the future, whetherSquirrel19 they be buried, placed in tree trunks, or tucked away in their puffy cheeks. Squirrels are always planning for a time of need.Squirrel9 So should be our mentality—not one of self-sufficiency nor of satisfaction, but a mindset that we are continually preparing for our eternal heavenly citizenship one day. Our awareness that our actions will not “save us”, but that our “good works” will be revealed one day in heaven to determine our life’s legacy on earth.

The danger point for the squirrels are their fluffy, furry, beautiful tails which make them so appealing, as opposed to the revolting hairless Squirrel11tail of a rat. That tail makes all the difference in the world in their adorability, and also acts as a Squirrel8balancing rod for their frequent tree-to-tree acrobatics. I can’t help but think that any squirrel must be extremely proud of their tail and the balance and beauty that it represents in their life. Whatever our “tail” may be, we must be ready to surrender it to God and wholly depend upon him for all our needs. The beauty of God’s Spirit living in us should be the most satisfying aspect of our daily existence. “More of Him and less of us” living.

Squirrel16Squirrels are very nimble and quick, constantly alert for any lurking danger. They react in a less than a split second. Our adversary, the devil, seeking devour God’s children, moves even faster. Our Lord promises that at the moment we call upon him and he is there. When we resist the devil and call out to Jesus, the Evil One must retreat. A squirrel never Squirrel1disables his protective radar, and neither should we. Complacency opens the door to disaster, while dependency on Our Lord keeps us “in check”.


These are just a few profound spiritual lessons I acquired from the furry friends frequenting our front yard. Wherever we look in God’s creation, there is always a message left dangling for us to perceive. I hope that these observations struck a chord with you as well!Squirrel17

May the Lord bless you with His nest of security, elevate you to the spiritual heights to Squirrel12which he desires to transport you, and instill an insatiable appetite for the eternal nuggets of his wondrous wisdom.