An Amazing Beatitudes Blessing


smcas0072Priest2When Jesus died on the cross the veil in the Temple was torn from top to bottom, opening the most sacred of places, the Holy of Holies, to become available to every believer.  Before that moment only the High Priest could enter one time each year to make the offering of atonement for the nation of Israel.  And a rope was tied to the leg of the priest in case some impurity in his presence offended God, resulting in his in death, he could be removed from that holy sanctuary. rope

Now you and I have immediate access to Our Lord, because of what Our Savior did!

Our Holy of Holies

Today, each of us should have our own “Holy of Holies”, our purposeful place for daily and very intimate communion with Our Lord. God greatly desires our presence before Him, and since we have been purified by the atoning blood of Christ, we need no rope!  When we meet with Our Lord His precious spirit pours down upon us, filling us up as we seek His Face, ask His forgiveness for our faults and mistaken footsteps in life, and pursue His perfect will for us.

starry night -5   My Holy of Holies is our front porch where I enjoy my Creator in the midst of His creation.  This is the highlight of my day, often before the day even dawns.  One morning last summer during a time of fervent prayer I pled, “Oh Lord, besides the book and study guide, how else can we carry the Beatitudes to this generation?”……  “Music,” He immediately responded, “nothing speaks to the souls of this generation like music. Write songs about the Beatitudes.”  “But, Lord,” I replied, “I have never written a song in my life!”  “Leave that to Me,” He assured me.  That same morning I began the writing process, and over the next weeks a song for each Beatitude emerged under the inspiration of the Lord. This plan I had never even imagined.

Words comprise the lyrics, yet obviously a song requires a melody. Here I was clueless.

Guests on WGGS-Nite Line    But months before the Lord had already resolved this insurmountable challenge.  In March I was     interviewed on WGGS, a Christian TV station in Greenville, South Carolina. A fellow guest with me that evening was Annette Herndon, a very talented and prolific singer. We struck a “chord” that night on the Beatitudes and later Annette came to present a concert at our church.


Annette Herndon

Annette Herndon


When the songwriting started I wrote her about the plan God had laid on my heart. “I want to help,” replied Annette. After sending her the lyrics we arranged a weekend retreat to inject music into the lyrics and she brought each song to life.  DSC00040




Producing an album is no small task.

Perfection in the music must be the goal, so we sought evaluation from a professional musician and friend of Annette’s, Babbie MasonBabbie Mason, to critique the songs. Her suggestions and Annette’s further inspiration have elevated each of these “choruses” to full-fledged songs. Annette then put me in contact with Grammy nominated and songwriter award winner, David Staton, a Nashville based producer.


David Staton

David Staton

David is now working with the songs to prepare musical arrangements to accompany the vocals, which of course, will feature Annette, and also, my nephew, Jonathan Wisdom, worship leader and member of a Christian band, The Key


It is just incredible how God took that early morning interlude and it is now on the doorstep of reality. Annette, David, and I are so excited about this project, and how these songs will add a whole new dimension to the Beatitudes Bible Study, and hopefully be featured on Christian airways across our country.  I could not help but share with you the ”next step” in this amazing pilgrimage to help carry the Beatitudes message to our generation. David has a song, “It’s Amazing What a Song Can Do,” which is our prayer for this album. We’ll keep you posted! Please pray with us for this project.