God’s Perfect Plan-Part 2

“My father, will these sacrifices return and restore Our Creation to “forever fellowship” with Us here in heaven?”Hebrew sacrifies2

God responded, “Such a series of sacrifices will be difficult to make applicable to every human being. The profound determination for forgiveness will be present in their hearts. When a heart truly recognizes his or her sin, and sincerely repents for it, such a heart deserves full fellowship with us, and will faithfully complete the commands I give to Our people.”

“So some will join us in heaven!” remarked Jesus

“Yes, only those who become mightily used by us on earth, due to their submission to our lordship, direction, plan, and purpose for their lives. They might be prophets, priests, kings or even common men and women, who are very sensitive to our spiritual bidding to them. This will require generations to achieve as we reveal Ourselves to each successive one.”

Satan on earth“Father, I follow your plan. It will be so good to have a people after Our own name on earth. Yet I see Lucifer and his troops combating our plan and purpose every single day, creating conflict, and causing various complications. His evil will be rampant, ravaging, and resilient. We will require some very spiritually strong persons on earth to move this plan forward.”

“My son, we will create such persons and place them on earth, but they, as humans, will still be contaminated with sin, and will have to fight and resist the enemy every single day to accomplish our purpose through them. Some will succeed mightily, and some will occasionally and fatally fail. The critical key is their heart of faith toward us.”

“To help bring all this to pass on earth, I am going to call upon and depend upon the Holy Spirit to invigorate the heart, mind and spirit of certain specific individuals. But they must first be very strong in faith, and profound sensitivity to Our Spirit for Him to inhabit them as will be necessary.”

Holy Spirit3

“Our Holy Spirit! He has been away for a while. Is he aware of the creation problem?”

“Of course, my son. He is part of us and conscious of all we do. I did not call Him earlier, because in the act of creation I was primarily depending upon you. But now in this restorative process he will play a critical role – now and later! Because He can be everywhere at once, just as We, but will be on earth at times for a specific mission through certain individuals to help bring Our plan to pass!”

I will call Him into Our Presence, “Pneuma, please come join us in the Throne room.”holy spirit

And the Holy Spirit immediately appeared. “Pnuema, it is so good to see you again. Much has happened in these past few days of Our Creation. First, it was so beautiful and bound for eternity. Then, Lucifer rebelled and was exiled forever from Heaven, along with one third of our angels. They began to work evil in our world and diverted our creation from all that we wanted it to be,” explained God.

“Yes, Lord, although I am not always seemingly visible, I was observing from afar all that occurred. And it broke my heart also. I know that You and Jesus are discussing a plan to restore your creation to full fellowship with Us. Please let me know what part You wish me to play in this process. I want to play a pivotal role in Your plan!”

The TrinityI am so grateful for Your willingness, Pneuma, because, although each of us are individually separate, yet exist for form the Trinity, we each have our own freedom of will as Ourselves. And the fact that all Three of Us desire to play such an important role in this plan to bring back our creation to us, is absolutely wonderful!” declared God, “This speaks to me as confirmation that we are doing the right thing.”

“Pueuma, because you can be everywhere as the wind moves upon the earth, and instill Our Presence in the hearts of specific chosen individuals who will voluntarily allow you to lead them, we need you to guide them in critical roles of this plan,” explained God.

“First, you will be a primary guiding force to form Our Own people on earth to make Our Presence there seen and without doubt. And then to eventually bring those people together as one nation under Our leadership. So, Jesus, and Pneuma,  each of You will play a strategic part. The plan will never come to pass without each of Us involved. My deep gratitude I give to each of You for sacrificing of your own godly privileges to leave Heaven for a while and pass time on earth to bring this plan to pass,” tearfully and joyfully exclaimed God, as He strongly embraced the two.

“My Father, I’m so elated that We have a plan to bring back our creation to us! However, I sense we have not yet reached the culmination of all we seek – eternal and complete restoration for all mankind,” stated Jesus.

“My Son, as always, your words are truth. As I said, the Holy Spirit will infuse specific individuals with spiritual strength to accomplish certain strategic tasks, our Angels will serve as messengers at times to inform Our people. Yet there is an all important role for you, My Son,” as the father peered again sadly at the sacred ground.

“I have a part!” responded Jesus excitedly, as he jumped up, “Please share it with me!”

“Please sit down and listen carefully, Jesus,” responded the Father. The prophets will foretell your coming as the Messiah – the Savior and King of Our people. There willThe Messiah be numerous prophecies to confirm your arrival on earth to Our people.”

“So I have the grand opportunity to return to earth one day and rule our people and bring them home to heaven? That is just what I was envisioning and hoping for in your glorious plan!”

“Well, My Son, that is not exactly what will happen.  You will return to earth, but as a man – fully man, and fully God.  As God, you will certainly not be constrained nor contaminated with evil as every other human being who has lived on earth, is living while you are there, and those who live after your time.”


Father, that sounds very limiting for me in terms of space and time and ability. If I’m restrained to a human body, please tell me why this is necessary?”Jesus as a baby

The Father looked to the ground again and hesitantly explained, “Well, My Son,” and he reached out to take his hand, “let’s return to the necessity of sacrifice for sin as we spoke earlier. As you commented, the system of animal sacrifices performed in the tabernacle is only a temporary sacrifice for each sin. These animal sacrifices are not sufficient to bring humans beings to heaven. Only a man who has no sin within, could bring the eternal payment for sin for all mankind. The blood of an animal could never justify eternal forgiveness of sin, but the blood of a sinless human being will.”

Jesus, the sacrificeJesus, gasped and grasped his Father, “So I am going to earth, to be sacrificed for the sin of all man and to bring eternal forgiveness for them?”

Yes, My Son. This is the only way I see to truly pay the price of sin for all mankind.  But it must be your decision to pay this supreme price. It is the only permanent provision of peace that can be created between man and God. Your sacrifice of pure and innocent blood would abundantly pay the price of all the sin of the world. But still, it would not be automatic for all man – each will have to individually and personally recognize and confess their sin, acknowledge the great act that you have paid their punishment for them, and ask You to come and live in their heart forever to gain them eternal life with us in heaven. And when their sin is paid, the Holy Spirit will come to live within them giving them Your spiritual presence which they have never before experienced, Such a changed life, spiritual power to resist evil, and strength to serve Us on earth. You will become the Tree of Everlasting Life for each person who accepts you into their heart!”

“My father, I love my creation so much that I am willing to become a sacrifice for it, even though as God, it is very difficult to imagine how living as a human being on earth will be. Also, how will I will die?”Jesus, mercy & Love

“Since you will be restricted to the confines of human existence you will die like any other man. It will be excruciatingly painful, nothing like you have ever experienced. But after death, you will arise in a glorified body representing our victory over sin in the world. Your death will kill and bring victory over the sin of all who believe in you and they will be resurrected to a new life while on earth and then reside eternally with us here in Heaven!”

“Father, your plan is perfect, amazing, and yet somewhat surprising for me! However, I am ready to do my part, out of love and mercy for mankind.”

“My Son, you are love and mercy incarnate, and those great qualities combine to produce Godly grace to man – something they don’t deserve, because of their sinful God's loveacts, but to give them an escape to a blessed eternity in heaven with us, and a Spirit filled life on earth, due to your gracious and indispensable sacrifice for them.”

“Every person who believes in me will be saved from the punishment of their sin!” stated Jesus.

“Yes – but every person who believes must deeply comprehend that your sacrifice was so very costly, given out of love, terribly painful, and without it, they would have no other opportunity for salvation.”

Jesus, the way“So, no one comes to the Father except by me?”

“True and truth forever – due to your love for the world, and because it is most difficult for me to send you on such a costly mission we will suffer together as you live on earth. You will not receive a warm welcome from your creation nor a strong embrace from Our people. There will be resistance as Satan attempts to foil our plans, and also due to the natural pride and self-centered logic of man.”

“My own people will not recognize me, Father?  Even after all the prophecies, and generations to bring this plan to pass?” asked Jesus.

Jesus praying to God “My son, you will encounter countless surprises on earth, and I will stay in constant communion with you, leading and guiding you each day, step-by-step to assist you to accomplish Our mission.”

“Father, our love for man is so obvious! How many fathers would send their own son to die for those who rebelled against him? And how many sons would be willing to pay the price? I just hope that this message is clearly evident and receptive to ever person who acknowledges and responds faithfully to the eternal opportunity we desire to give them.”

“We will see, My Son. And after you depart from Earth, your testimony to your disciples through the power of the Holy Spirit will grow from generation to generation, and increase your body of believers on earth and in heaven. But there will continue disbelief, resistance, apathy, persecution, and trials and tribulations for your followers, as prompted perpetually by Satan and his legions.”

The Father continued, “In the beginning, believers will emerge from only Our people, but your sacrifice is for all mankind, so your disciples will begin to testify to people of other nations with the purpose of sharing your good news so that every person who believes on earth can make the decision for you – the most important decision in their life which will affect all of their life too!”The Body of Christ

“My father, how much time will it be before my time on earth arrives to accomplish my mission?” asked Jesus.

“It will be a while yet, for We must first form our people, which will require countless generations, and the situation on earth must be perfect to spread your testimony throughout the world. It will be the precisely right time in history and I will call you at that moment. But you are certainly welcome to observe all that is about to happen on earth right now.”

“I will stay close by, My Father, because in my extreme interest, and my strong desire to understand my surroundings and environment when I go to live earth I want to see what is happening. But just for a moment, I want to take a walk along the River of Life and rejoice in the singing of the angels outside.”

Jesus in heaven

Jesus stepped out of the Throne room elated that there was a plan, relieved that his creation fellowship will be restored, and slightly bereaved at what it would require of him. But he was assured that it was all worth his sacrifice as a sinless human being.  Although he was still questioning what his life on earth would be like, he was also very anxious to return and see the formation of his people on earth as his Father would bring it to pass. He would be back shortly, but needed a heavenly respite of its hallowed halls, the refreshing River of Life, and the company of the angels with him.

Excerpt from Chapter 2–God’s Perfect Plan!

Jesus was brokenhearted at what happened to His creation.

Chapter 2 is primarily a conversation between the Father and

His Son to find a way to restore their creation back to them. This

week is part 1, and you will read part 2 next week….Marlin

Chapter 2 — God’s Perfect Plan

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn, but to save the world through him. 

John 3: 16-17


Jesus surrounded by angels

As Jesus reentered heaven from the Garden of Eden, heavy of heart due to the sinful corruption of his previously pure creation, angels suddenly surrounded him, adoring and praising him with a strong desire to encourage his spirit. They had never seen Jesus downcast before. After moments of heavenly bliss and exaltation by these cherished celestial companions, Jesus joined them in song, uplifting the glory of his Father and Creator.

“I must speak to my father now,” declared Jesus,” and remove this burden from my heart.  Heaven is no place to carry a heavy heart!”

So he entered the Throne Room of Heaven where his Father, obviously awaited him, with the foreknowledge of why he sought to speak with him.Jesus entering the throneroom

“My Son, Adam and Eve are now out of Eden! Thank you for following my directions to begin a new era of life on earth, although this life is certainly not what we desired for them.”

“Yes, My Father. I escorted them out of Eden and explained to them how they will maintain their life on earth – what to expect in death.  And again, why they must die, and what will happen with their eternal souls.”

“Jesus, it is good that you clarified all of this to help them now comprehend the full consequences of their terrible decision to consume the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, as prompted by Lucifer when he pricked their pride, as he did to himself. The profound problem is that this decision is not just constrained to only their hearts and generation, but will flow from them to all humanity that they propagate, and to all generations to follow. Evil is so insidious, invasive, and irreconcilable. And Lucifer and his minions will only accelerate and exacerbate evil on earth from generation to generation.”

God and Jesus  Jesus reflected, “This is not good, not good at all! Our creation seems totally lost!” And at this very moment he decided to make his plea to his Father, who had directed their act of creation, and he knew that his Father loved and cherished it as much as did he.  “My father, it seems so hopeless, tragic, and terrible, but in your great wisdom, knowledge, and love, is there not some miraculous way we can restore back our creation to us?”

“My Son, I have been pondering that question myself, and there is a way, which we have to carefully consider.”

“Oh, my God, my Father, what wonderful news!” as Jesus jumped up so gratefully to embrace his Father. His father tearfully took and tenderly held his hand. Jesus was perceiving these were tears of such joy flowing, as he was sensing. Yet His Father continued to stare downward, and then spoke,   Jesus with the cross

“My Son, let’s recount the beginning, as you explained to them about their precious life giving blood that sustains their human life on earth for a time. This blood not only perpetuates their physical life, but represents their spiritual being also.  Because of their sinful act in Eden their punishment must be to die and spend eternity separate from us. And all succeeding generations will follow them in death because of the evil now residing in their hearts which will invade and contaminate the “seed” of each new human brought into being. It cannot be eliminated from them.  And We cannot deny justice and judgement for this sin.  Holiness must be upheld. Therefore, punishment for this vile disobedience must be delivered. Death for sin must be paid by the sinner. And now every human being becomes an inherent sinner before they are even born, due to the sin of Adam and Eve in Eden. In life on earth their carnal nature will lead each one to commit many sins, which will combine with the ensnaring enticements of Satan on earth. They must die for every sin acted out on earth.”  Jesus slowly bowed his head in regret and recognition at this statement of holy truth and justice by his Father of the reality of the death verdict for all humanity.”

My Son, We are holy. We have no choice but to apply justice to unjust and rebellious actions, just as we did to Lucifer and his hellions when we exiled them from heaven. There is no way we could tolerate such pride, evil, and intentions here in our hallowed home! Their actions decreed our actions, and the same must happen for the disobedience by Adam and Eve and all children of humanity.”

“My father, I certainly understand and completely agree that justice must be ordained and a righteous punishment be decreed and delivered. Yet we are also Beings of love and mercy and I feel that We should be able to seek out some solution to this sin problem of man.”

“You are absolutely correct, My Son.  And that is what we need to consider. There is a way,” responded his Father.

sacrifical lamb   “Only the blood of a pure and innocent being, could substitute and cover the sinful blood of man. Since man is condemned and unclean, even the blood of a pure and innocent beast could cover his sin, yet only for a time, not forever. For the blood of an animal is not on the same level of life as a human who was created in Our image, so an animal sacrifice cannot entirely cover all their sin.  Yet to help them understand that sacrifice must take place for sin, I desire to bring into being a system of sacrifice, in which, when someone consciously recognizes their sin they will desire to make an animal sacrifice for it, although it pains me for an innocent animal to lose its life for a purposeful sinner. That single sin of the sinner would be covered by the pure essence of the animal’s substitute blood.”


“The critical point here is that each individual must recognize his or her own sin, regret and repent for it, and make such a sacrifice in sincere recompense before Me. Then I would forgive it, because an innocent life has been given for the sin committed. However, making a sacrifice without true and heartfelt repentance would not suffice, concluded the Father.”

“How will we instill this system of sacrifice on earth, Father?” asked Jesus. “I understand that substituting a pure life for a sinful life will pay the necessary price of justice.  But a human being would be continuously sacrificing pure and unblemished animals all their days for their sins. How can we generate such a population of innocent beasts to support such a ceaseless demand for these sacrifices?”


“Well, I have a plan,” assured God. Initially mankind in general will not hardly even recognize his sin. So first, we must form a people of Our own on earth who will first recognize their Lord God, what sin is, and then we will gradually introduce to them the concept of sacrifice for their sin through time. I will appoint certain beings who are right in their hearts toward us to serve as priests and prophets, and to clearly express my plans and commands to their people. We will communicate through these individuals. Our people will eventually erect a Tabernacle of worship to us of which I will specifically give them the idea and design when this time is come to pass. And then, in this temple the chief priest will commit a single animal sacrifice each year to atone for all the sins of the people for a period of one year.”

“In this manner, the world will save some precious beasts of the field,” responded Jesus, “and be a more effective system of sacrifice than one sacrifice per person per sin for generation to generation.”

“Yes, and the other primary purpose of placing Our people on earth is to testify of Us as their Lord and Protector, and witness and to lead other nations to know Us through them. Therefore, gradually the entire world will come to worship, acknowledge us, comprehend, and carry out this system of sacrifice to make themselves pure before us as these sacrifices are accepted.”

tabernacle of the Lord

Adam & Eve—Farewell to the Garden of Eden

Jesus looking for Adam & Eve

Shortly after Adam and Eve hid themselves, Jesus began to saunter through the garden, crying out for them. “This is so strange, they are normally eagerly awaiting my presence.  I sense that something has gone wrong today! Adam and Eve, where are you? I want to be with you. Please come out to me.”

Adam stuck his head out from behind a bush. “We were afraid to come out before you because we are naked.”

Adam & Eve hidingNaked?” exclaimed Jesus. “How would you know that you are naked, unless you have eaten of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. My Father forbade you to partake of this tree!”

Suddenly, the Father appeared at the side of His Son.

“Why did you eat of the fruit of this tree?” He pointed at Adam, “I told you it would make you die!”

Adam slipped out from behind the bush and crouched before the Father and Son, with Eve beside him. “The woman you gave me, as a helpmate,” pointing to Eve, “she took down the fruit, and persuaded me to take a bite.”

Eve bowed her head and began crying.

“Eve,” replied God, “what is this that you have done—opposed to what I had told your man, and I know that he had told you. Why would you purposefully disobey Me?”Adam & Eve being accused

“The serpent told me.”

At this statement, both the hands of the Father and the Son rose up in fury and frustration.

“He told me that it would make me more like You, to know good from evil. And then the fruit enticed me, and tempted me to take a bite. I could not resist it! I thought that it would help us all to become even closer, if we are more like You,” argued Eve. She had no compulsion to beg forgiveness, repent, nor ask pardon from her Maker, only to make excuses and justify her actions.

The Father responded, not in anger, but in judgement, “My Son made you. We have given you a paradise in which to live, and have done nothing but good for you. How could you willfully disobey the one law I have given you, with the knowledge that such disobedience will cause you death?”

“Death? Death? What is death?” they cried, questioning each other, and clung together before their God, shaking violently in shame and uncertainly as to what was about to happen to them.

“We are sorry! We fell into temptation, desiring only to be more like You,” declared Adam.

“Yes,” responded the Father, “you now know what evil is, and unfortunately you must pay the consequences. Unholy acts must be punished in My Presence. You are now impure. Your precious purity is gone. Evil now lives within you and will confront you all the days of your lives, because that serpent, Satan, has now taken control of your heart. I am holy and cannot tolerate, nor accept sin and impurity. Your punishment for this disobedience will be multiple.”

Adam and Eve stood before God and His Son, helpless and guilty, awaiting their verdict from the Father.

During this discourse the serpent quietly slithered into the area to observe what would happen to Adam and Eve as a result of his victory over them.

The Father immediately sensed his presence and spoke directly to him.

Satan entering Eden“Because you have corrupted Our creation, cursed are you, more than every beast of the field. On your belly shall you wander the earth, dust shall you eat, all the days of your life. And man and woman will have enmity with you because of what you have caused them.  He will crush your head, and you will bite his heel. An eternal battle will be besieged between you both.”

Then He turned to Eve, “Eve, you were made to propagate the earth with the seed of man, but this will not be effortless, nor an enjoyable experience. I will greatly multiply your pain in childbirth. Your desire will be for your husband, and he shall rule over you. You will complete your task on earth, but with much pain.”

“Adam, because of your disobedience, and submission to your wife’s suggestion, cursed is the ground. It will no longer spring forth fruit for you. You will toil to make it produce, and not only fruit will grow, but also thorns and thistles to complicate your task. Your life will now be sweat and toil forever. And you will return to the dust of the ground from which My Son so gloriously made you.”

Jesus grieved in the background to hear of the decree of decay and decline of his perfect creation which had acted in rebellion to His Father.

God then turned to His Son. “Jesus, make them garments to clothe their nakedness that they now know and recognize. Their sin requires them to hide their created beauty from one another and not be filled with lust for one another. Clothe them according to your fine judgement.”

“Man has supposedly made himself as Us, knowing good and evil, but now evil resides within them and lives beside them through the serpent and his allies.  We cannot permit them to eat of the Tree of Life and live forever!  Because of their disobedience, they must taste death. They can no longer remain in the Garden of Eden, and must leave and live on the earth outside this paradise we have created for them.”

Guardian of the Tree of Everlasting life

“I will station a trusted cherub to guard the Tree of Life in every direction to assure that no man shall ever taste of it,” decreed God.

The Father disappointingly turned and departed Eden, leaving His Son to carry out these last commands.

Jesus searched and found a beautiful beast, but had to execute him to obtain the skin to clothe Adam and Eve. As Adam observed the death of the animal and his blood spilling out upon the ground, he cried out, “Lord, I have never seen such a terrible scene!”

Jesus responded, “Adam, this is death, and, as My Father required me to do, I must kill this animal to secure skins to cover the shame, nakedness, and consequences of sin for you and Eve. This animal had to die for that purpose—to provide God’s provision for you, although be it only for a time.”  This is a sacrifice for your sake, to clothe and cover your sin of nakedness which you now recognize. The blood cries out from the ground!”

Jesus saying farewell to Adam and EveAfter carefully crafting the skins into clothes for each one, he tenderly placed them on Adam and Eve.  Then he escorted them out of Eden, and also ran out the serpent, threatening to bruise his head with his own holy heel.

Once outside Eden, Jesus turned to embrace them and said, “I must leave your fellowship now, for I cannot associate with your sinfulness. You must suffer the terrible consequences of your disobedience to the Father until you disappear in death from this earth. I pray that the memories of our time in paradise together will encourage you and guide you through the difficulties of your lives and the lives you propagate on earth to begin the race of man. Your disastrous decision has violently disrupted the original course of creation.”

“Jesus,” implored Adam, “The Father told us that now we will die! Please explain to us what is death is, and how it will affect us?”

“Death is the end of your existence on earth. What keeps you alive physically is the very blood in your bodies, which carries life giving air to your organs throughout. That same blood you saw spilling out from the beast from which I made your clothing. Your throbbing heart continually pushes this blood through your bodies, but one day, your heart will stop, and you will die, and your soul, which is your spiritual life, will depart. This living blood sustains your soul within your body. But, the evil that has now filled you, has destroyed the innocence of your soul, so now your soul must suffer for your sin eternally. Death is not good, and your sinful act will separate us forever. Our plan was to spend eternity with you in Eden!”

Adam and Eve gazed at one another in bitterness, unable to utter a single word after this explanation by their creator.

Jesus wept bitterly with them, grasped each one, and then tearfully turned to leave them alone on earth. He was filled with a desperate desire to consider with His Father some way to rescue and restore His lost creation that he loved so much and that his heart grieved so much to lose.

Jesus weeping for his creation