The Beatitudes Bible Study- Revised & Republished, January, 2016



Beatitudes bible Study CoverThe “Beatitudes Bible Study Leader Guide” was originally published by Crossbooks in 2013, and used in various states across our nation. Then in 2015 they went out of business, so I decided to republish this leader Guide with Westbow Press in January, 2016. Important changes were made in this Bible Study. I had conducted the Beatitudes Bible study several times over the past three years and Our Lord had inspired some new thoughts and materials, so all these are included. Also the format of the Leader Guide now is divided into specific paragraphs that precisely coincide with each slide of the Lesson Power-points to greatly facilitate the preparations by the Group Leader for this Study.



Also, this past fall, a good pastor friend of mine, Dr. Ray Cureton, felt inspired to develop a “Beatitudes Bible Study Participant’s Guide” to help each group member delve deeply into the Beatitudes on a very personal level.  He has many questions Beatitudes Study Participant Guidethat relate to my original book, “Let the Beatitude Be My Attitude in You” published in 2012. These questions help the reader to profoundly examine the material presented in this book which will greatly expand the horizon of the Beatitudes for the group member and help them to be very well prepared for each Bible Study lesson. I strongly encourage every group member to read through the Beatitudes book as they participate in the Study and use the Participant’s Guide, because it will greatly expand their Beatitudes experience. In the back of The Leader Guide is a section which contains all the answers to the Participant’s Guide questions.

book coverOur Lord definitely desires that the Beatitudes reach our generation! They change us in many positive ways and bring us so much closer to Our Lord Jesus. I want to encourage every church leader and teacher to conduct The Beatitudes Bible Study for your people. The materials include “The Beatitudes Bible Study Leader Guide“, “Let the Beatitudes Be My Attitude in You“, “The Beatitudes Bible Study Participant’s Guide“, all of which are available at discounted prices on this website. These materials are also on in physical book and Kindle versions.



When a leader takes up this study they need to email me at and I will send them my Dropbox link for all the Lesson Power-points and other materials in the Dropbox folder link which will give them all the leader materials that they will need to conduct the Study. These are at no charge, and is a pleasure for me to provide these deeply inspired materials by the Lord. The Lesson Power-points are very dynamic and visual to help convey the messages of the Beatitudes, and also include a few very well developed music videos that also underscore the very important messages of each lesson and significant biblical characters that experienced a purifying Beatitude Moment at a pivotal time in their life! Each lesson concludes with a Worship Video of one of the Beatitudes songs that He inspired me to write from the Beatitudes Life album produced in 2014.


Moses music video

This study is very unique and deeply inspired by Our Lord to help make us His salt and His Light in this world through the dynamic actions of the Beatitudes working within us! The Beatitudes are Heavenly Living on Earth!

Jesus, the way