Between the Beatitudes


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Reflecting on the first four Beatitudes:

Consider how the first four Beatitudes have impacted your life and relationship with God. 

 1)   The poor in spirit—do you now feel “richer” spiritually? starry night -5

2)   Those who mourn—have you truly turned all your burdens over to Christ to carry for you? 




3)   The meek—have you put your “me” in the back seat. Are you now allowing Jesus to “drive” your life? meek-footwashing


4)   Those who hunger and thirst after righteousness—Is knowing God now the priority of your lives?  Are you daily “in The Word” (Scripture) and “with the Word” (Jesus Christ)?study the Word




The “who” you are “within” should have experienced a significant transformation by now.  Your relationship with God should now be even stronger with a deeper understanding of the Greatest Commandment—to love the Lord with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.heart language

Four significant experiences still await us, but the previous four Beatitudes have prepared us for what lies ahead. Believe it or not, we still have much to discover within ourselves and to confess to God as we keep increasing in this spiritual sojourn. But even if we were to stop here, our relationship with God would never be the same, not just in comparison to yesterday, but also to tomorrow, because His holy and sacred fellowship will continue to transform every dimension of our life.

Constant” by Charlie Hall

Just like the sunshine, you have been our light, leading us into beautiful places.

We’ve walked through fire, but you’ve made us brighter, leading us into beautiful places.

Faithful Jesus, Healing Savior, Compass, Center, Bread of Life.

God, you are here with us, constantly here with us. You are our everything, faithful and true.


Just like the starlight, you shine in the black night, leading us into beautiful places.

Just like the atmosphere, you’ve come to surround us here, leading us into beautiful places.

 Faithful Jesus, Cherished Treasure, Our Portion, Wisdom, God’s Great Light!

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