Blessed are the pure in heart (Part 1)

Beatitudes -5Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

                                                                                                Matthew 5: 8


Our Beatitudes Quest brings us to this pivotal point.  We have recognized our spiritual poverty and the supreme greatness of God.  We have released those wearisome burdens to Jesus and now depend completely on him.  We have thrust the mighty “me” into the back seat and Our Savior steers our lives.  We are on a “stay hungry” diet for God’s Word—the Scripture and Our Lord living in us.  Our comprehensionof God’s great mercy gift to us through the sacrificial death of his Son has exponentially expanded.  What can be left for us to experience?  Yet even more awaits us—particularly in this powerful Beatitude!

How True Is Our Heart Before God?

This is the essential question. Proverbs 4:23 states, “Above all else, guard your heart, forplease God in all we do everything you do flows from it.” At the end of physical life, after the last pulse of blood through our body, we will find ourselves in the great throne room of God where he will scrutinize our spiritual heart—the true reality of who we are—not merely on the surface to others, but to the very core of our being. Psalms 17:3 states “The refining pot is for silver and the furnace for gold, but the Lord tests hearts.” God continually searches for pure, undefiled hearts that are right toward him.

 refining fire

heart is a locketOur heart houses our values. It is the decision center of right and wrong for us and determines our behavior and how we relate to others. It directs our thought-life and what we dwell on. It empowers our personality and who we are toward others. Our heart dictates the decisions we make in life, both good and bad.


In the great throne room of our Creator we will stand “heart naked” and stripped bare to reveal the real, true nature of our being. A pure heart, according to God’s standards, will be found worthy as is declared in Proverbs 16:2, “All a man’s ways seem innocent to him, but motives are weighed by the LORD.judgement seat of Christ

 The Purging Valley of the Pure in Heart

Today we must ask ourselves:  Is my heart truly and completely pure before God?broken hearted


 “Pure” (kathros) as used in this Beatitude conveys powerful ideas from the original Greek: a sincerely genuine, innocent, and blameless heart; free from corrupt desire, sin, and guilt; purified by fire, free of defilements of the flesh and of the world; a clear and transparent heart.

A pure heart is solely and wholly committed to one predetermined goal: to please only God in all one thinks, does, and says. That’s an extremely high standard for humans in this sin filled world!

pure heart

We must honestly evaluate our heart by the “kathros” standard!



Have you ever experienced a surgical procedure?  A massive light was beaming down uponspiritual open heart surgery you.  The Beatitudes require serious “spiritual surgery” on our hearts. God’s pure and intense light will reveal to us any impurities, secret or hidden sin lying encrusted in our heart.  Some sins are too difficult to shed alone—we pretend that they aren’t there, or just keep living with them. Some sins lie dormant and un-confessed from the past, perhaps affecting our attitude toward someone else even until today. Perhaps a sin lies concealed of which you are not even aware, but God will reveal it to you today.  

 Who is our spiritual Public Enemy #1—Our pride—although we put our “mighty me” in the backseat in the Beatitude of Meekness, it’s always attempting to crawl back into the driver’s seat of our emotions and own worst enemy


The “Beatitudes Moment” for the Pure In Heart   Today is the day that any and all sin must be removed to yield a pure heart before God.

As you sincerely lay your heart before Our Loving Lord, pray the following:

  •  Lord, please reveal the true condition of my heart to me.  Are there any impurities Put yourself before Godyou, Lord? Please make them known to me! Help me make my heart pure!
  •  Is there any past or present un-confessed sin in my life?  Please give me the courage to admit and confess it before you!
  • Is there any bitterness, resentment, or anger I need to discard?  Lord, immerse me with your forgiving spirit toward that person! 
  • Is there a vice or addiction that won’t let me go? Lord, I call upon your Holy Spirit to remove it from my life! 
  • Lord, if there is some hidden sin of which I am unaware, please reveal it to me! Help me see it through your eyes and lay it before you!

Please reveal to me anything that is separating me from a full relationship with You!

Whatever God reveals to you, you must sincerely confess it to God. Ask him to forgive you and to take control of it and remove it from your heart and life.

 feed the life I'm trying to live

This could (and should) be an intensely emotional experience for anyone who is sincerely serious about purifying their relationship with God.  This is the moment in which we come into true oneness with Him. It isn’t easy—we must turn it all over to God—we cannot take care of it on our own!

Now, enjoy a prayer of thanksgiving with your Lord for his great loving forgiveness andhold your heart up before God cleansing to make you one with him.


 In Part 2 we will discover how to maintain that pure heart!

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