Blessed are the pure in heart (Part 3 of 3)

Blessed are the pure in heart2In the Beatitude of the Pure in Heart we have been totally honest before God and before ourselves.  A pure heart begins with finding and keeping a transparent love relationship with God, as Jesus described the first and greatest commandment. But he followed that with the second most important commandment of the Law and the Prophets:           to love your neighbor as yourself.

In these last four Beatitudes not only has our relationship with God further intensified, butpure in heart (break down walls in any relationship) we have been equally challenged to apply these same spiritual realities with our fellow man. A pure heart is essential in our relationships with others. Any and all barriers must be decimated.


seeking GodIn Matthew 5:23-24, Jesus instructed that anyone desiring to place an offering at the altar and worship God must first examine their own heart. If any offense is habored toward a neighbor, that relationship must first be reconciled, before presenting an offering to God. Again, in Matthew 18:35, Jesus reinforces that the restoration of our relationships with others must be taken to states of true genuineness. “This [judgment] is how my heavenly Father will treat each of you unless you forgive your brother or sister from your heart.”

This spiritual law decreed by Christ certainly still applies to us today, and especially tocross and hands--testifying of God those committed to live out the Beatitude of the pure in heart. Self is totally sacrificed before God, and our relationships here on earth must be clean, sure, and unsoiled.


If you know that you have offended someone, or even if you were the one offended, you are person obligated to resolve that conflict, and not wait on the other individual to take the initiative.

God wants YOU to be His WHO

The Spirit of Christ will prompt and direct us to take the actions required to maintain a pure heart before God and man. We cannot knowingly ignore any unresolved relationship problem with others and expect our heart to be clean before Our Lord or them!

Conclusion:transparent heart

Those with pure hearts possess the Light that makes their life different and distinct. They enjoy a relationship with God untainted, genuine, and totally transparent. This is the abundant life that Jesus died to make possible for us and is the same quality of Garden of Eden fellowship that God sent Jesus to re-create with man. Such high and holy fellowship generates purity in relationships with all those around us every day. Jesus living fully in us is life that we never could have before imagined.

 rainbow heartOur path now leads only upward in our relationship with the Lord. Treacherous stretches still loom ahead in the Beatitude Quest that will challenge us to become even more that we can be. Be inspired from where God has brought you and be encouraged to continue on to where Jesus yearns to carry you still!

What better way can there be to accomplish our days on this earth than to see God moreThe cross in your heart clearly and commune with him more fully in each moment? And this Godly communion enriches all other relationships we have in this life.

Be pure in heart—confess your sin and truly come to know God face to face.

Forgive others, embracing those who have wronged you and who you have wronged.

look yourself in the eyeThoughts for meditation:

  • Have you laid your heart bare before the Lord today?
  • Are there obstacles in any human relationships that you need to address?

My heart like Your Heart  

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