The Beatitudes Bible Study- Revised & Republished, January, 2016



Beatitudes bible Study CoverThe “Beatitudes Bible Study Leader Guide” was originally published by Crossbooks in 2013, and used in various states across our nation. Then in 2015 they went out of business, so I decided to republish this leader Guide with Westbow Press in January, 2016. Important changes were made in this Bible Study. I had conducted the Beatitudes Bible study several times over the past three years and Our Lord had inspired some new thoughts and materials, so all these are included. Also the format of the Leader Guide now is divided into specific paragraphs that precisely coincide with each slide of the Lesson Power-points to greatly facilitate the preparations by the Group Leader for this Study.



Also, this past fall, a good pastor friend of mine, Dr. Ray Cureton, felt inspired to develop a “Beatitudes Bible Study Participant’s Guide” to help each group member delve deeply into the Beatitudes on a very personal level.  He has many questions Beatitudes Study Participant Guidethat relate to my original book, “Let the Beatitude Be My Attitude in You” published in 2012. These questions help the reader to profoundly examine the material presented in this book which will greatly expand the horizon of the Beatitudes for the group member and help them to be very well prepared for each Bible Study lesson. I strongly encourage every group member to read through the Beatitudes book as they participate in the Study and use the Participant’s Guide, because it will greatly expand their Beatitudes experience. In the back of The Leader Guide is a section which contains all the answers to the Participant’s Guide questions.

book coverOur Lord definitely desires that the Beatitudes reach our generation! They change us in many positive ways and bring us so much closer to Our Lord Jesus. I want to encourage every church leader and teacher to conduct The Beatitudes Bible Study for your people. The materials include “The Beatitudes Bible Study Leader Guide“, “Let the Beatitudes Be My Attitude in You“, “The Beatitudes Bible Study Participant’s Guide“, all of which are available at discounted prices on this website. These materials are also on in physical book and Kindle versions.



When a leader takes up this study they need to email me at and I will send them my Dropbox link for all the Lesson Power-points and other materials in the Dropbox folder link which will give them all the leader materials that they will need to conduct the Study. These are at no charge, and is a pleasure for me to provide these deeply inspired materials by the Lord. The Lesson Power-points are very dynamic and visual to help convey the messages of the Beatitudes, and also include a few very well developed music videos that also underscore the very important messages of each lesson and significant biblical characters that experienced a purifying Beatitude Moment at a pivotal time in their life! Each lesson concludes with a Worship Video of one of the Beatitudes songs that He inspired me to write from the Beatitudes Life album produced in 2014.


Moses music video

This study is very unique and deeply inspired by Our Lord to help make us His salt and His Light in this world through the dynamic actions of the Beatitudes working within us! The Beatitudes are Heavenly Living on Earth!

Jesus, the way


The heart of Christ



The Beatitudes are the heart of Christ and will make our life in Christ extremely bountiful. When the Holy Spirit abides and abounds within us we come to intimately know His Fruit which will empower us to live out the might of the Beatitudes. We can then live as Jesus did upon this earth. As He shared the Beatitudes with His disciples immediately before the Sermon on the Mount, he told them that the Beatitudes would make them His Salt, to flavor the world around them with His Love, and become His Light to shine and reflect His great teachings to those in our path of life. It is amazing how the Fruit of the Spirit coincides in order with the Beatitudes and will help us culminate each one in our life.


The Fruit of the Spirit                                                                         The Beatitudesthe poor in Spirit

Love & Joy                                                                                          The Poor in Spirit

the poor in spirit 2 We are merely lost and desperate spiritual beggars with no spiritual security.  When we recognize God with His majesty and grandeur, and all His Son did for us, we fall in LOVE with Him and become JOYOUS and confident in our position before God, because of the Cross of Christ allows us to enter the Land of the Beatitudes.






Peace                                                                                                    Those Who Mourn

God seeks to comfort us, console us, and give us peace in the midst of our mourning. But even more so, Jesus desires to carry all our burdens for us and rescue us from mournmourn2despair. We must depend entirely upon Jesus to carry us and our burdens through the Valley of Despair or up the Mountain of Tragedy we must experience in this sinful world.







Patience                                                                                                      The Meek

MeekWe must put away our strong personal and desperate desires that detour and distract us from what Christ wants us to do. He will then meek2direct us in every aspect of our life for Him. Our “me” disappears and Jesus becomes all we are. He guides us to our inheritance for Him in this world and His Light shines clearly through us to others. Jesus’s humility must be our model for life






hunger & thirst

Goodness                                         Those who hunger and thirst after righteousness

Now we recognize the great goodness of God and desire to come to know Him ever more fully as we search the Scriptures in the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to deepen our understanding of all He had done for us. He fills us with great contentment and spiritual strength in our heart, mind, and soul.


mercifulKindness                                                                   The merciful


When we experience our personal encounter with Jesus we are dramatically impacted first hand with His great mercy which has reached down from Heaven to rescue us from our passionately committed sin. He knocks on the door of our heart and we exuberantly open it for Him to enter and abide in our life. He engulfs us in His great mercy and we extend it to all those around us with no reservations.merciful2








Faith                                                                                                            The Pure in Heart

Our faith has been magnificently magnified through these first five Beatitudes and the Fruit of the Holy Spirit in us. Now our “soul desire” is to be one with Our Lord, however we must open our heart entirely before Him to cleanse it of any resilient sin that stands between us. When we confess that obstruction between us, we can see Him clearly, and see the world as he sees it. Our heart is transparent before Him and before all those around us.

pure in heart


Meekness                                                                                           The Peacemakers


We now know and live in meekness and mercy which allows us to be purposeful and effective instruments of Our Lord for His Kingdom on thispeacemakers2 earth. We share His love, His Gospel, and then promise of salvation with the world, helping to reconcile man with God everywhere we go. His Spirit leads us and guides us to be peacemakers for Him, just as He was on earth.





Self-control                                  Those who are persecuted for righteousness sake


persecutedWhen the world reacts with hatred toward us because of our peacemaking purposes, our strong spirit encompasses us and gives us determination to be courageous for Christ, regardless of what it may cost. Now we can control our natural reaction of self to fear, just as Jesus did. We know we will join Him soon in Heaven for all eternity.persecuted2

“Jesus, Our Lord, on Earth” is HERE!

Front cover of book

It was my pleasure to share portions of the first chapters of this book on Jesus in some previous blogs. The first chapter tells of Our Lord’s integral role in Creation with Jesus wih Adam & EveHis Father, and then after the “fall into sin” by Adam and Eve, His passionate desire to find a way with His Father to restore Their Creation to an eternal “Garden of Eden” fellowship in Heaven. The entire Trinity was involved intimately in this process for it to come to pass.




First, the Father had to make specific preparations to develop a Godly people on earth, which took many generations past the lives of Adam and Eve once they were tabernacle of the Lordexiled from Eden. The Holy Spirit was clearly active to direct the hearts of the patriarchs throughout these early generations of: Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Samuel, David, and the many prophets of the Old Testament who were also inspired to give prophesies of the coming Messiah.

Through the life of Joseph, God later formed His Own people in Goshen of Egypt over a period of over 400 years, then through Moses and Joshua, He created the Israelite Nation, which unfortunately was not thoroughly faithful until after their tragic experience under the Babylonian exile who under God’s influence finally released them to return to Jerusalem, rebuild the Temple, and recreate their nation.

Then another 400 years was initiated for the coming of the Messiah, however, only certain selected prophesies were expected to be fulfilled by the Pharisees and Sadducees. They were expecting the majestic, heavenly, and obvious arrival of the Messiah to liberate them from the tyranny of Rome and recreate Israel as a new, free, and most powerful nation of God.

Jesus as a baby

However, God had a different plan for His Son which was a Messiah to arrive in complete humility and secrecy in a manger and bed of straw. Only a very few, besides Mary and Joseph, knew or received the announcement of His arrival on earth. There were the shepherds watching their flocks at night whom the angels appeared and announced Jesus’s arrival, then a man and a woman in the Temple who recognized the Baby Jesus as the Messiah, and the Wise men.

smcas0072God’s plan was for His Son to demonstrate to mankind daily the love and mercy of the Father, to usher in a new Kingdom of God in which animal sacrifices and the priestly roles and  the Holy of Holies in the Temple would not be necessary. Jesus’s voluntary sacrifice of His sinless self on the cross would negate the need of any other sacrifice. On the cross the immense weight of the sin of all mankind descended upon Him. Jesus gave Himself up for us, and three days later was resurrected with a glorified body and new life, which is what He has prepared for each of us who believes in Him.sacrifical lamb




Jesus’s life on earth completely changed the traditional Jewish practice of animal sacrifices, the supreme importance of the Temple, and the pivotal role of the priests. All of this put the Jewish leaders in a constant confrontational mode with Jesus on a daily basis because they would not accept Him as the Messiah. But this was all part of God’s perfect plan. He used their denial, resentment, and perpetual anger toward the Son as the vehicle to crucify Him, because this who else could have exercised the power to have this happen. And without the sacrifice of his Son, the redemption of sin would not have occurred as was completely necessary for our salvation.

 Jesus, the way

For salvation each person must first honestly recognize their own sin, confess it, and sincerely admit and believe that Jesus has died for them. Then HE comes to live in their hearts and the Holy Spirit also fills them with spiritual power to live a truly Godly life on earth and be an effective instrument for His Kingdom here. Then after life on earth they will enjoy true fellowship with the Father and Son in Heaven for all eternity.

The purpose of this book is to magnify Jesus’s role throughout the creation, the history of the world, and His life here to be much more personal than we might perceive. Jeus comforts usHe desires a deeply personal experience with each of us He saved. His specific inspiration to me was to share His devoted determination from the very beginning to restore and save His fallen creation.


You may order a copy of the book on my website at this link:   and it will be my privilege to send you a signed copy from the inventory of books I have on hand. My prayer is that this book will be a blessing to your life and walk with Our Lord. Have a most blessed 2016!

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I still have many copies available of The Beatitudes Life album which is composed of different songs about each of the Beatitudes.

Back cover (song listing)-jpgAfter the album was released last year I developed a worship video for each of the ten songs on the album. The price for the Beatitudes album is only $10 (plus shipping) and when you purchase a copy of the album on PayPal on this website I will also send you my Dropbox link for all the worship videos. Below I have listed two sites:

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After the listening to the album and/or listening to the videos, if you wish to have your choir or praise team sing any of these songs please contact me at about obtaining the sheet music for each song and the accompaniment CD.

“Jesus, Our Lord, on Earth” is coming!

Possible Cover B

Last Friday I submitted my final version of the edited manuscript of “Jesus, Our Lord, on Earth” to Xulon Press. October 31st was the deadline to meet in order for the book to be published before Christmas, which was my goal.

Jesus in a mangerIn this writing process I learned so much about the Father’s unique preparations for His Son’s arrival on earth, and Jesus’s daily challenges as the unexpected humble Messiah and His human experience in this world.  These facts made me appreciate so much more deeply all that Jesus did and persevered for us while here on earth. And each act by Him was Jesus praying to Godnothing but true love for His creation and an endless commitment to accomplish His special mission here in this world for each of us.



I pray that each reader will readily perceive the myriad of challenges that Jesus confronted and conquered to bring us salvation. These readings possess the principle and strong purpose to further deepen our relationship with Him. This is the overarching goal of this book which should manifest itself in the multiple inspirations He poured out on me during the writing process.

Praising Jesus10

When the book comes out I hope to arrange several book signings at churches, Prattville high School, and other locations to share this complete story of the Gospel with many fellow believers, and perhaps some who have not yet experienced a personal encounter with Our Lord. This would be very timely Christmas gift to share with others.

Please email me at: or leave me a comment if you would like to arrange a signing, desire a copy of the book, or wish to share the book as a gift for a family member or friend.



the dark times of life  In every life path there are unexpected detours. In such times of tragedy, sorrow, severe health issues, and other mis-events, that we never suspected looming upon our horizon, how do we handle these times of dark obscurity?

One temptation that hits us full in the face and which is emphasized by Satan, is to be angry and turn our back on Our Creator and Lord for letting such tragedy fall uponSatan tempting us us.  We might fall into this temptation trap and turn our back to the Lord, but He will never turn his back on us. He is constantly beside us, striving to give us strength, comfort, consolation, and peace, regardless of our situation.

Jeus comforts us

In such terrible times, we must be aware of his presence and allow him to pour powerfully upon us these redeeming spiritual rescues. We must acknowledge his control over our life, and his will working toward something important for us to experience, his Perfect Plan for us. Although in these dark times it is difficult to imagine that we are in the midst of a perfect plan, but we are, we just cannot conclude why and where will lead us?

Blessings in your life  In these dark times it is sometimes most difficult to interpret our present reality. But if we look back on our lives and view the many blessings with which he has flooded our lives, and the magnified ways he has used us as an effective instrument, he certainly has not deserted us now, from our way, our life, nor our dependence upon him.





In these times our dependence upon him is critical. Think of Jesus’ time on earth for God’s perfect plan. He constantly received criticism, rebuke, and chastisement, all Jesus praying in Gethsemaneleading toward a finality for him.  Even the night of his betrayal, praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, he said to his Father, “I will accept your will, even though it leads me to strong opposition, a devastating night, and an excruciating death tomorrow.”  In the midst of this terrible time, Jesus was aware that God’s plan would bring salvation to his creation, and he was willing to subject himself to this unimaginable ordeal, for us!



This same light of hope and purpose exists for us all, not that we shall be crucified and beaten like Jesus, but that God’s plan, no matter what we are experiencing, has a positive ending for us. Unlike Jesus, we cannot presently grasp the purpose, outcome, and finality, but we must take him by the hand he is extending to us, to carry us forward.

Jesus reaching for us

I pray for those having to deal with darkness and tragic times each day, that they will feel the presence and power of the Lord and accept the path of great uncertainty and seeming disaster, knowing that he is guiding them according to his will.

Even though I have been diagnosed with ALS, a totally incurable disease with many deteriorating symptoms, I commit myself to God’s plan for my life, even though I have no idea where this will lead me right now. My only desire is to do all I can for Him while upon earth. And rely upon his daily presence, direction, and guidance to accomplish his will.

Of course, this is not easy for anyone, but it is our best alternative, rather than experiencing a desolate, hopeless, and devastating spiral downward in life!

God desires to fill us with his hope, help, and extend his Hand to carry us forward.

My hope is that you feel Jesus’ vital role in your life, and that you will allow him to lead you and levitate you above these circumstances. Let him carry you upward, stay Jeus comforts us2close to you, even in these moments of supreme difficulty. He loves us, cares for us, and has a perfect plan for each of us. Our rescue is to depend solely upon him, Our Savior and Lord!

I recently received a deeply spiritually meaningful card from a dear friend in Paraguay which expounded the many different names of God in the Old Testament:

Jehovah-Jireh (Provider)              Jehovah-Nissi (Battle Fighter)  

Jehovah-Shalom (Giver of Peace),    Jehovah-Rophe (Healer)                                                                       

Jehovah-Tsidekenu (Our Righteousness)

Jehovah-Shammah (Ever Present One)    Jehovah-Rohi (Good Shepherd).

With the message—God is your Strength, Friend, Wisdom, Hope, Security, Guide, Joy, Provider,

                                                              Help, Defender, Peace, Counselor, and Life.

                                                  All that He is, He is for You!

                                          I trust in You, O Lord; I say, “You are my God.”

                                                Psalm 31:14 (NIV)

Chapter 3-God Forming His People on Earth (Part 2)

The three sons of Noah were: Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Noah lived 350 years after the flood to the age of 950 years. Each of his sons had numerous generations, which divided and developed into different nationalities, but the entire world maintained the same language.

Tower of BabelIn the plain of Shinar many nationalities of earth gathered together and decided to build a tower so tall that it would reach into heaven. Because of their numbers and strength and ease of communication they were capable of accomplishing all they desired.

“Jesus, let us descend to earth and see this tower named Babel that they have built. We will confuse their language and scatter them abroad. For man must populate the entire earth. We must began the process of forming our own people. And each people group will be different and unique.

And God and Jesus descended and created diverse languages among the people and they discontinued the Tower of Babel and dispersed all over the world.

God selected from the generations of Noah’s son, Shem, to originate his people. After nine generations, Abraham was born who lived in the Land of Ur.

As God indicated Abraham to His Son, he said, “Jesus, this man will become the founding patriarch of Our people. His heart of faith will direct him all his life.Abraham in Ur

“Faith is the foundation, always!” commented Jesus. ”which follows actively in touch with You, and stands firmly on truth and hope for one’s future in Your hands. And such was the faith of Noah who accomplished such an incredible act of faith to build the ark, according to your guidance.  And Pneuma, pressing within Noah’s heart, saved our creation from total disappearance, and gave it a new beginning to combat evilness in this world.”

“Yes, Noah was the key person to bring us to where we are now,” agreed God with His Son.

Well,” continued Jesus, we are now 20 generations past Adam and Eve, and several of their descendants lived almost 1,000 years. But now the human lifespan is much more reasonable, and will still make a strong impact for our purpose. Faith is certainly the watchword and must be the primary source from which our plan evolves. Faith in the heart of man will be the motivating factor for our plan to move forward.”

Pneuma, instructed God, “I need you to abide in Abram’s heart now, and encourage him to leave the Land of Ur, and set forth to where We will lead him.”

“Yes, Lord, I will be constantly attentive to your guidance and enlighten his heart and spirit,” responded Pneuma.

God then said to Abram, ”Go forth from your country, and from your relatives, and from your father’s house to the land I will show you. And I will make you a great nation and I will bless you.”

Abram took his first step of faith at the age of 75 and set his feet to the south. “This is amazing,” he thought, “I do not even have a son, and God promises to create a nation from me. How can this happen?” he wondered.

Abraham given the Promised Land

Once Abram arrived in Canaan, and Shechem, God reiterated his promise to him again, “To your descendants, I will give this land.”

“My descendants?” questioned Abram.  “I have none yet,” he pondered in his heart. But because of his great faith, Abram built an altar to God on this spot.

Abraham in EgyptA famine soon erupted in Canaan, so he traveled to Egypt. There fear overcame Abram because Pharaoh favored his wife Sarai.  Instead of the truth, Abram told Pharaoh that she was his sister, in order to avoid a possible threat to his life. If they knew she was his wife, he felt they would kill him.

“Why would Abram be a coward like that,” said God.  “I will punish Pharaoh with plagues and sickness, a foreshadowing of things to come in later generations.”  After some suffering Pharaoh called Abram and asked, “Why have you brought this upon me?  I know Sarai is your wife. Leave our land immediately and take all you have.”


God oversaw Abram’s protection, even in spite of his dishonesty and stark terror for his own life. But this only edified more his faith in God.

Abram’s nephew, Lot, had accompanied him from Ur to Canaan, and he settled in Sodom. Some men came in the night, attacked his camp and carried him off with his family.  When Abram heard this news, he arose with his men in pursuit and rescued Lot and his possessions.

“Another step of faith and Our divine protection,” commented Jesus.

And God confirmed this in a vision to Abram, “Do not fear, Abram. I am a shield to you. Your reward shall be very great.”

“Abram responded, “Since I have no son, will Lot become my heir?”

God responded, ”No, your heir shall come forth from your own body through Sarai. Look toward the heavens and count the stars. If you are able to count them, so Abraham counting the starsnumerous shall your descendants be.”

And Abram believed this message from God. And God reckoned it as righteousness. Abram prepared another altar and sacrifice to God, then he fell into a deep sleep and asked God, “How will I know I shall possess this land with all these people here?”

God appeared to him again and said, “Know for certain that your descendants will be strangers in a land that is not theirs, where they will be enslaved and oppressed for 400 years, but I will judge the nations who they will serve, and afterwards they will come out with many possessions, and return to the land I promised you.”

Abram and Sarai kept waiting for their son to appear, but Sarai eventually gave up hope. “I will bear no children!” So she instructed Abram to have relations with her maid, Hagar, in order to produce a son.  And Hagar conceived a son named Ishmael. Then jealousy flamed in Sarai’s heart, and she ran off Hagar with her newborn into the desert. Abram was 86 years old at this time, but faith and patience ruled with him until the ripe old age of 99 years when God appeared to him again.

“I am God Almighty. Walk before me and be blameless. And I will establish my covenant between Me and you. And I will multiply you exceedingly.”

Abraham, man of faith

Abram fell on his face before God, ”No longer shall your name Abram, but Abraham. For I will make you a father of nations, just as your name now signifies—‘Father of a multitude’.  And as a sign of this covenant every male child must be circumcised at eight days to become a part of My covenant with you. And your wife shall now be called not Sarai, but Sarah, meaning—‘many princes’. And I will bless her, and I will indeed give you a son by her. And he shall be called Isaac, meaning—‘he laughs’. And he shall become the grandfather of 12 princes and he will be born at this time next year,” promised God to Abraham.

Jesus commented, “Well, things are starting to come together now to create Our People, Father!”

And at 90 years, Sarah conceived and brought forth their long-awaited son, and Abraham named him Isaac and circumcised him on the eighth day, as commanded by the Lord.

After a few years, God called Abraham again with a very surprising and humanly illogical commandment. “Abraham, take your son to the land of Moriah, and offer him there as a burnt offering to me.”

Jesus reacted, “My father, after so long waiting for his only son, why are you requesting him to sacrifice him? How will his lineage continue and a nation be created?”

“My Son, this is merely to test his faith, and also the faith of his son. Will they both be willing to follow my command?

Also, My Son, this is a foreshadowing of what you will do for our creation. And I, your Father, will have to be willing to sacrifice you! And I will have to follow this command to Myself which will be so extremely difficult!”

Jesus reluctantly peered at his passionate Father, yet anxiously awaited to see what would pass with Abraham’s sacrifice of his only son.

Both the father and son climbed Mount Moriah, and Isaac finally asked, “Father, where is the lamb for the burnt offering?”Abraham & Isaac climbing Mt. Moriah

“God will provide,” responded Abraham, as they both continued upward. At the peak Abraham prepared the altar, explained the command of God to Isaac, and tenderly laid him upon the altar to sacrifice.

Isaac also had great faith and willingly laid down for his father to sacrifice him. Although there were many questions plaguing him, such as. “How will my father be a multitude of nations if I must die?”

Abraham raised the knife in obedience to God, although his heart was crying out to the opposite. At that moment a voice shouted out to him from heaven.

Abraham about to sacrifice Isaac“Abraham, Abraham! Do not stretch out your hand against the boy and do nothing to him. For now I know that you fear God, since you have not withheld your son, your only son for me.” Abraham looked around and lo and behold a ram was entangled in a thicket behind them. Abraham freed the ram and replaced Isaac with the ram on the altar and completed his sacrifice to God.

“Well, I guess that ram represents me,” thought Jesus. “It’s like who I will be – the substitute sacrifice,” The sacrifice of Isaac compare to Jesus

“God spoke to Abraham and said, “And in all your seed all the nations of the world will be blessed, because you have obeyed my voice.”



“Yes, this is the level of faith that will bring our people into being,” concluded Jesus. “May such faith be abundant and fervent in all succeeding generations!”

God responded, “Yes, we will see such faith in almost every generation from now on.”

God’s Preparations on Earth– Forming His People

To begin His preparations to form His Own People, God had to findA heart seeking God

those whose heart were right toward Him. In the first generations of

the earth, after “the fall” there were only a few who sought after God.

For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth, that he may strongly support those whose heart is completely his.

2 Chronicles 16:9

Cain & AbelAdam and Eve began their task to propagate humanity. They named their firstborn Cain, who worked with the beasts of the field. Abel, the second born, loved the fruit of the fields and dedicated himself to bringing forth verdant fields of harvest. He would earnestly present his first fruits to God as a very pleasing sacrifice which were so very graciously received by God because of the abiding and adoring nature of Abel’s heart toward God.  He measured Abel’s heart and was impressed with the faith of the second person of the second generation of humanity. One day Cain decided to follow in Abel’s footsteps and present a sacrifice of one of his beasts of the field.  Yet his motive was selfish – not to adore God, but only to gain God’s favor, and God refused to accept such a selfish sacrifice.



Cain became very distraught and angry, and God said to him, “If you do well your attitude will be lifted up, but if not, sin is crouching at your door to take hold of you,Cain versus Abel but you must master sin. Do not let it master you, as it did your parents,” God warned Cain.

Cain, recognized the risk, but did not shut the door, and sin quickly entered into his heart and mind. In a field with Abel, overwhelmed with jealousy of Abel’s well-received sacrifice, sin took full control, enlarged Cain’s anger, and he murdered his brother out of envy and rage.

Cain killed Abel“Cain, where is Abel? What have you done?” cried out God.

”Am I my brother’s keeper? He’s a grown man and go can go where he desires,” replied Cain.

“His blood is crying to me from the ground,” declared God. “You have murdered him! Now the ground will curse you and no longer yield its strength to you. You will become a vagrant and wanderer on the earth. Yet if anyone kills you, the vengeance will be taken on him seven-fold.”


Cain, in great shame and remorse retreated from the presence of God. But now, in only the second generation on earth, murder from excessive pride had taken place. Satan, once again, using pride as his primary tool to trap mankind created another level of sin for mankind–murder.

As Jesus observed this terrible act of violence of one brother slaying his own flesh and blood, he said, “While on earth I’m going to demonstrate the strength of humbleness and meekness to man. Pride will never be a temptation for me. Man must come to know the vile evil that pride presents and the terrible places it will lead you.”

His father responded,” Yes My Son, and because of such a humble attitude on earth your name will be even further exalted here in heaven!  But you will be fiercely combating pride on earth, even among your own, and your people.”

birth of Seth

Then Eve came forth painfully with another son to replace Abel. His name was Seth. He and his heart were continually turned toward God, just as was Abel’s.  His heart for God was ever present and his strong faith flowed fully into his following generations. From Seth’s fifth-generation,” Enoch walked with God” and then “was not.” EnochEnoch did not experience an earthly death, but a heavenly transition from death to life.

Then, in his ninth generation, was Noah, whose heart was so righteous before God, in stark contrast to all of existing humanity, which had transformed themselves farther and farther away from even the knowledge of God. Ever more toward massive sin, persistent immorality, and rampant evil acts.  Their every intent was for themselves and to please their fleshly pleasures and appetites. LuSatan on earth2cifer was enjoying a luscious and lavish feast of sin with humanity.

God then said,  “My spirit will not strive with man forever, because of his fleshly nature. The extent of his days will be only 120 years,” while the previous generations lived to over 900 years of age.

He and Jesus grieved at the incessant sinful direction of their creation. Lucifer was leading them by his hand, deeper and deeper “into sin.” I will blot out man from the earth, from man to animals and creeping things to birds of the sky.

Jesus exclaimed, “Surely, there is at least one man we can save, Father. And let that man remain on earth to bring Our plan into place.”

”You’re right, Jesus. There is only one godly man on earth right now, and his name is Noah, a descendant of Seth. And his heart is right before us. He will be our instrument to continue mankind. And, hopefully, to a better condition, than what berserk evil is producing in him right now. Noah has found favor in my eyes and I will speak to him.”

Noah building the arkGod approached Noah and said to him, ”Make for yourself an ark of gopher wood, with many rooms, and cover it with pitch to seal it from the outside. It will be 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide, and 30 cubits high. I am bringing a great flood of water to the earth to destroy all flesh from under heaven. All life on earth shall perish, except for you and your family!”

Noah responded in incredible surprise, that all the evil surrounding and threatening him would be wiped away. He was joyous at this news from the Lord, that humanity would now take a different course in the world.

“Noah, I will set forth my covenant with you, and you shall enter the ark – you and your sons and your wife and your son’s wives with you. And of every living thing of all flesh, you shall bring two of every kind into the ark to stay alive with you. Bring on board one male and one female of each kind. Take all edible fruit and food for you and the animals to eat.”

Noah responded in great faith and obedience to do all that God said, while daily resisting the intense mockery, malice, and People insulting Noahmistreatment by those watching him build the ark for the Lord. Noah and his sons persisted daily in this huge task for God, and in doing so their faith only grew stronger.

Noah awaiting God's CommandWhen all was ready God said,  ”Enter the ark, you and your family, for you alone, I have seen to be righteous before me in this time.” They boarded the ark along with all the animals already placed inside.



Behold, the foundation of the deep suddenly burst open, and the floodgates of the sky were opened. The unbelieving crowds clambered to Noah for rescue, but the door to the ark had been shut by God and could not be opened in order to accomplish the one true purpose of the flood. The flood flowed from the heavens and the deep for 40 days and nights. The water prevailed as the ark floated above the earth, even above the very highest mountains. All life on earth perished, except for Noah, his family, and the animals on the ark. The floodwaters lasted for 150 days.Ark afloat

People trying to get in the ark

God then commanded the flood waters to recede, and after seven months the ark rested on top of Mount Ararat. After more time the waters receded until dry ground was visible and God told Noah,  “Go out of the ark, and your wife and sons and their women with you. Bring out every beast that they may breed abundantly, and be fruitful and multiply on earth.” Noah and his family and all the animals excitedly exited in exhilaration from the ark.

Ark on land

Noah, out of his faithful and grateful spirit for the rescue of his family, built an altar to the Lord and God smelled the soothing aroma.  “I will never again cover the ground with water on account of man, for the intent of man’s heart is evil from his youth, and I will never again destroy everything as I have done.”

NOah and family aftr the flood



The Lord then directed Noah and his sons to “be fruitful and multiply and populate the earth abundantly.  And I establish my covenant with you, and with your descendants. All flesh shall never be cut off by the waters of the flood. This is a sign of my covenant for all successive generations. I set my rainbow in the clouds. When I bring a cloud over the earth, the rainbow shall be seen in the cloud.”

God’s Perfect Plan-Part 2

“My father, will these sacrifices return and restore Our Creation to “forever fellowship” with Us here in heaven?”Hebrew sacrifies2

God responded, “Such a series of sacrifices will be difficult to make applicable to every human being. The profound determination for forgiveness will be present in their hearts. When a heart truly recognizes his or her sin, and sincerely repents for it, such a heart deserves full fellowship with us, and will faithfully complete the commands I give to Our people.”

“So some will join us in heaven!” remarked Jesus

“Yes, only those who become mightily used by us on earth, due to their submission to our lordship, direction, plan, and purpose for their lives. They might be prophets, priests, kings or even common men and women, who are very sensitive to our spiritual bidding to them. This will require generations to achieve as we reveal Ourselves to each successive one.”

Satan on earth“Father, I follow your plan. It will be so good to have a people after Our own name on earth. Yet I see Lucifer and his troops combating our plan and purpose every single day, creating conflict, and causing various complications. His evil will be rampant, ravaging, and resilient. We will require some very spiritually strong persons on earth to move this plan forward.”

“My son, we will create such persons and place them on earth, but they, as humans, will still be contaminated with sin, and will have to fight and resist the enemy every single day to accomplish our purpose through them. Some will succeed mightily, and some will occasionally and fatally fail. The critical key is their heart of faith toward us.”

“To help bring all this to pass on earth, I am going to call upon and depend upon the Holy Spirit to invigorate the heart, mind and spirit of certain specific individuals. But they must first be very strong in faith, and profound sensitivity to Our Spirit for Him to inhabit them as will be necessary.”

Holy Spirit3

“Our Holy Spirit! He has been away for a while. Is he aware of the creation problem?”

“Of course, my son. He is part of us and conscious of all we do. I did not call Him earlier, because in the act of creation I was primarily depending upon you. But now in this restorative process he will play a critical role – now and later! Because He can be everywhere at once, just as We, but will be on earth at times for a specific mission through certain individuals to help bring Our plan to pass!”

I will call Him into Our Presence, “Pneuma, please come join us in the Throne room.”holy spirit

And the Holy Spirit immediately appeared. “Pnuema, it is so good to see you again. Much has happened in these past few days of Our Creation. First, it was so beautiful and bound for eternity. Then, Lucifer rebelled and was exiled forever from Heaven, along with one third of our angels. They began to work evil in our world and diverted our creation from all that we wanted it to be,” explained God.

“Yes, Lord, although I am not always seemingly visible, I was observing from afar all that occurred. And it broke my heart also. I know that You and Jesus are discussing a plan to restore your creation to full fellowship with Us. Please let me know what part You wish me to play in this process. I want to play a pivotal role in Your plan!”

The TrinityI am so grateful for Your willingness, Pneuma, because, although each of us are individually separate, yet exist for form the Trinity, we each have our own freedom of will as Ourselves. And the fact that all Three of Us desire to play such an important role in this plan to bring back our creation to us, is absolutely wonderful!” declared God, “This speaks to me as confirmation that we are doing the right thing.”

“Pueuma, because you can be everywhere as the wind moves upon the earth, and instill Our Presence in the hearts of specific chosen individuals who will voluntarily allow you to lead them, we need you to guide them in critical roles of this plan,” explained God.

“First, you will be a primary guiding force to form Our Own people on earth to make Our Presence there seen and without doubt. And then to eventually bring those people together as one nation under Our leadership. So, Jesus, and Pneuma,  each of You will play a strategic part. The plan will never come to pass without each of Us involved. My deep gratitude I give to each of You for sacrificing of your own godly privileges to leave Heaven for a while and pass time on earth to bring this plan to pass,” tearfully and joyfully exclaimed God, as He strongly embraced the two.

“My Father, I’m so elated that We have a plan to bring back our creation to us! However, I sense we have not yet reached the culmination of all we seek – eternal and complete restoration for all mankind,” stated Jesus.

“My Son, as always, your words are truth. As I said, the Holy Spirit will infuse specific individuals with spiritual strength to accomplish certain strategic tasks, our Angels will serve as messengers at times to inform Our people. Yet there is an all important role for you, My Son,” as the father peered again sadly at the sacred ground.

“I have a part!” responded Jesus excitedly, as he jumped up, “Please share it with me!”

“Please sit down and listen carefully, Jesus,” responded the Father. The prophets will foretell your coming as the Messiah – the Savior and King of Our people. There willThe Messiah be numerous prophecies to confirm your arrival on earth to Our people.”

“So I have the grand opportunity to return to earth one day and rule our people and bring them home to heaven? That is just what I was envisioning and hoping for in your glorious plan!”

“Well, My Son, that is not exactly what will happen.  You will return to earth, but as a man – fully man, and fully God.  As God, you will certainly not be constrained nor contaminated with evil as every other human being who has lived on earth, is living while you are there, and those who live after your time.”


Father, that sounds very limiting for me in terms of space and time and ability. If I’m restrained to a human body, please tell me why this is necessary?”Jesus as a baby

The Father looked to the ground again and hesitantly explained, “Well, My Son,” and he reached out to take his hand, “let’s return to the necessity of sacrifice for sin as we spoke earlier. As you commented, the system of animal sacrifices performed in the tabernacle is only a temporary sacrifice for each sin. These animal sacrifices are not sufficient to bring humans beings to heaven. Only a man who has no sin within, could bring the eternal payment for sin for all mankind. The blood of an animal could never justify eternal forgiveness of sin, but the blood of a sinless human being will.”

Jesus, the sacrificeJesus, gasped and grasped his Father, “So I am going to earth, to be sacrificed for the sin of all man and to bring eternal forgiveness for them?”

Yes, My Son. This is the only way I see to truly pay the price of sin for all mankind.  But it must be your decision to pay this supreme price. It is the only permanent provision of peace that can be created between man and God. Your sacrifice of pure and innocent blood would abundantly pay the price of all the sin of the world. But still, it would not be automatic for all man – each will have to individually and personally recognize and confess their sin, acknowledge the great act that you have paid their punishment for them, and ask You to come and live in their heart forever to gain them eternal life with us in heaven. And when their sin is paid, the Holy Spirit will come to live within them giving them Your spiritual presence which they have never before experienced, Such a changed life, spiritual power to resist evil, and strength to serve Us on earth. You will become the Tree of Everlasting Life for each person who accepts you into their heart!”

“My father, I love my creation so much that I am willing to become a sacrifice for it, even though as God, it is very difficult to imagine how living as a human being on earth will be. Also, how will I will die?”Jesus, mercy & Love

“Since you will be restricted to the confines of human existence you will die like any other man. It will be excruciatingly painful, nothing like you have ever experienced. But after death, you will arise in a glorified body representing our victory over sin in the world. Your death will kill and bring victory over the sin of all who believe in you and they will be resurrected to a new life while on earth and then reside eternally with us here in Heaven!”

“Father, your plan is perfect, amazing, and yet somewhat surprising for me! However, I am ready to do my part, out of love and mercy for mankind.”

“My Son, you are love and mercy incarnate, and those great qualities combine to produce Godly grace to man – something they don’t deserve, because of their sinful God's loveacts, but to give them an escape to a blessed eternity in heaven with us, and a Spirit filled life on earth, due to your gracious and indispensable sacrifice for them.”

“Every person who believes in me will be saved from the punishment of their sin!” stated Jesus.

“Yes – but every person who believes must deeply comprehend that your sacrifice was so very costly, given out of love, terribly painful, and without it, they would have no other opportunity for salvation.”

Jesus, the way“So, no one comes to the Father except by me?”

“True and truth forever – due to your love for the world, and because it is most difficult for me to send you on such a costly mission we will suffer together as you live on earth. You will not receive a warm welcome from your creation nor a strong embrace from Our people. There will be resistance as Satan attempts to foil our plans, and also due to the natural pride and self-centered logic of man.”

“My own people will not recognize me, Father?  Even after all the prophecies, and generations to bring this plan to pass?” asked Jesus.

Jesus praying to God “My son, you will encounter countless surprises on earth, and I will stay in constant communion with you, leading and guiding you each day, step-by-step to assist you to accomplish Our mission.”

“Father, our love for man is so obvious! How many fathers would send their own son to die for those who rebelled against him? And how many sons would be willing to pay the price? I just hope that this message is clearly evident and receptive to ever person who acknowledges and responds faithfully to the eternal opportunity we desire to give them.”

“We will see, My Son. And after you depart from Earth, your testimony to your disciples through the power of the Holy Spirit will grow from generation to generation, and increase your body of believers on earth and in heaven. But there will continue disbelief, resistance, apathy, persecution, and trials and tribulations for your followers, as prompted perpetually by Satan and his legions.”

The Father continued, “In the beginning, believers will emerge from only Our people, but your sacrifice is for all mankind, so your disciples will begin to testify to people of other nations with the purpose of sharing your good news so that every person who believes on earth can make the decision for you – the most important decision in their life which will affect all of their life too!”The Body of Christ

“My father, how much time will it be before my time on earth arrives to accomplish my mission?” asked Jesus.

“It will be a while yet, for We must first form our people, which will require countless generations, and the situation on earth must be perfect to spread your testimony throughout the world. It will be the precisely right time in history and I will call you at that moment. But you are certainly welcome to observe all that is about to happen on earth right now.”

“I will stay close by, My Father, because in my extreme interest, and my strong desire to understand my surroundings and environment when I go to live earth I want to see what is happening. But just for a moment, I want to take a walk along the River of Life and rejoice in the singing of the angels outside.”

Jesus in heaven

Jesus stepped out of the Throne room elated that there was a plan, relieved that his creation fellowship will be restored, and slightly bereaved at what it would require of him. But he was assured that it was all worth his sacrifice as a sinless human being.  Although he was still questioning what his life on earth would be like, he was also very anxious to return and see the formation of his people on earth as his Father would bring it to pass. He would be back shortly, but needed a heavenly respite of its hallowed halls, the refreshing River of Life, and the company of the angels with him.

Excerpt from Chapter 2–God’s Perfect Plan!

Jesus was brokenhearted at what happened to His creation.

Chapter 2 is primarily a conversation between the Father and

His Son to find a way to restore their creation back to them. This

week is part 1, and you will read part 2 next week….Marlin

Chapter 2 — God’s Perfect Plan

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn, but to save the world through him. 

John 3: 16-17


Jesus surrounded by angels

As Jesus reentered heaven from the Garden of Eden, heavy of heart due to the sinful corruption of his previously pure creation, angels suddenly surrounded him, adoring and praising him with a strong desire to encourage his spirit. They had never seen Jesus downcast before. After moments of heavenly bliss and exaltation by these cherished celestial companions, Jesus joined them in song, uplifting the glory of his Father and Creator.

“I must speak to my father now,” declared Jesus,” and remove this burden from my heart.  Heaven is no place to carry a heavy heart!”

So he entered the Throne Room of Heaven where his Father, obviously awaited him, with the foreknowledge of why he sought to speak with him.Jesus entering the throneroom

“My Son, Adam and Eve are now out of Eden! Thank you for following my directions to begin a new era of life on earth, although this life is certainly not what we desired for them.”

“Yes, My Father. I escorted them out of Eden and explained to them how they will maintain their life on earth – what to expect in death.  And again, why they must die, and what will happen with their eternal souls.”

“Jesus, it is good that you clarified all of this to help them now comprehend the full consequences of their terrible decision to consume the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, as prompted by Lucifer when he pricked their pride, as he did to himself. The profound problem is that this decision is not just constrained to only their hearts and generation, but will flow from them to all humanity that they propagate, and to all generations to follow. Evil is so insidious, invasive, and irreconcilable. And Lucifer and his minions will only accelerate and exacerbate evil on earth from generation to generation.”

God and Jesus  Jesus reflected, “This is not good, not good at all! Our creation seems totally lost!” And at this very moment he decided to make his plea to his Father, who had directed their act of creation, and he knew that his Father loved and cherished it as much as did he.  “My father, it seems so hopeless, tragic, and terrible, but in your great wisdom, knowledge, and love, is there not some miraculous way we can restore back our creation to us?”

“My Son, I have been pondering that question myself, and there is a way, which we have to carefully consider.”

“Oh, my God, my Father, what wonderful news!” as Jesus jumped up so gratefully to embrace his Father. His father tearfully took and tenderly held his hand. Jesus was perceiving these were tears of such joy flowing, as he was sensing. Yet His Father continued to stare downward, and then spoke,   Jesus with the cross

“My Son, let’s recount the beginning, as you explained to them about their precious life giving blood that sustains their human life on earth for a time. This blood not only perpetuates their physical life, but represents their spiritual being also.  Because of their sinful act in Eden their punishment must be to die and spend eternity separate from us. And all succeeding generations will follow them in death because of the evil now residing in their hearts which will invade and contaminate the “seed” of each new human brought into being. It cannot be eliminated from them.  And We cannot deny justice and judgement for this sin.  Holiness must be upheld. Therefore, punishment for this vile disobedience must be delivered. Death for sin must be paid by the sinner. And now every human being becomes an inherent sinner before they are even born, due to the sin of Adam and Eve in Eden. In life on earth their carnal nature will lead each one to commit many sins, which will combine with the ensnaring enticements of Satan on earth. They must die for every sin acted out on earth.”  Jesus slowly bowed his head in regret and recognition at this statement of holy truth and justice by his Father of the reality of the death verdict for all humanity.”

My Son, We are holy. We have no choice but to apply justice to unjust and rebellious actions, just as we did to Lucifer and his hellions when we exiled them from heaven. There is no way we could tolerate such pride, evil, and intentions here in our hallowed home! Their actions decreed our actions, and the same must happen for the disobedience by Adam and Eve and all children of humanity.”

“My father, I certainly understand and completely agree that justice must be ordained and a righteous punishment be decreed and delivered. Yet we are also Beings of love and mercy and I feel that We should be able to seek out some solution to this sin problem of man.”

“You are absolutely correct, My Son.  And that is what we need to consider. There is a way,” responded his Father.

sacrifical lamb   “Only the blood of a pure and innocent being, could substitute and cover the sinful blood of man. Since man is condemned and unclean, even the blood of a pure and innocent beast could cover his sin, yet only for a time, not forever. For the blood of an animal is not on the same level of life as a human who was created in Our image, so an animal sacrifice cannot entirely cover all their sin.  Yet to help them understand that sacrifice must take place for sin, I desire to bring into being a system of sacrifice, in which, when someone consciously recognizes their sin they will desire to make an animal sacrifice for it, although it pains me for an innocent animal to lose its life for a purposeful sinner. That single sin of the sinner would be covered by the pure essence of the animal’s substitute blood.”


“The critical point here is that each individual must recognize his or her own sin, regret and repent for it, and make such a sacrifice in sincere recompense before Me. Then I would forgive it, because an innocent life has been given for the sin committed. However, making a sacrifice without true and heartfelt repentance would not suffice, concluded the Father.”

“How will we instill this system of sacrifice on earth, Father?” asked Jesus. “I understand that substituting a pure life for a sinful life will pay the necessary price of justice.  But a human being would be continuously sacrificing pure and unblemished animals all their days for their sins. How can we generate such a population of innocent beasts to support such a ceaseless demand for these sacrifices?”


“Well, I have a plan,” assured God. Initially mankind in general will not hardly even recognize his sin. So first, we must form a people of Our own on earth who will first recognize their Lord God, what sin is, and then we will gradually introduce to them the concept of sacrifice for their sin through time. I will appoint certain beings who are right in their hearts toward us to serve as priests and prophets, and to clearly express my plans and commands to their people. We will communicate through these individuals. Our people will eventually erect a Tabernacle of worship to us of which I will specifically give them the idea and design when this time is come to pass. And then, in this temple the chief priest will commit a single animal sacrifice each year to atone for all the sins of the people for a period of one year.”

“In this manner, the world will save some precious beasts of the field,” responded Jesus, “and be a more effective system of sacrifice than one sacrifice per person per sin for generation to generation.”

“Yes, and the other primary purpose of placing Our people on earth is to testify of Us as their Lord and Protector, and witness and to lead other nations to know Us through them. Therefore, gradually the entire world will come to worship, acknowledge us, comprehend, and carry out this system of sacrifice to make themselves pure before us as these sacrifices are accepted.”

tabernacle of the Lord