Adam & Eve—Farewell to the Garden of Eden

Jesus looking for Adam & Eve

Shortly after Adam and Eve hid themselves, Jesus began to saunter through the garden, crying out for them. “This is so strange, they are normally eagerly awaiting my presence.  I sense that something has gone wrong today! Adam and Eve, where are you? I want to be with you. Please come out to me.”

Adam stuck his head out from behind a bush. “We were afraid to come out before you because we are naked.”

Adam & Eve hidingNaked?” exclaimed Jesus. “How would you know that you are naked, unless you have eaten of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. My Father forbade you to partake of this tree!”

Suddenly, the Father appeared at the side of His Son.

“Why did you eat of the fruit of this tree?” He pointed at Adam, “I told you it would make you die!”

Adam slipped out from behind the bush and crouched before the Father and Son, with Eve beside him. “The woman you gave me, as a helpmate,” pointing to Eve, “she took down the fruit, and persuaded me to take a bite.”

Eve bowed her head and began crying.

“Eve,” replied God, “what is this that you have done—opposed to what I had told your man, and I know that he had told you. Why would you purposefully disobey Me?”Adam & Eve being accused

“The serpent told me.”

At this statement, both the hands of the Father and the Son rose up in fury and frustration.

“He told me that it would make me more like You, to know good from evil. And then the fruit enticed me, and tempted me to take a bite. I could not resist it! I thought that it would help us all to become even closer, if we are more like You,” argued Eve. She had no compulsion to beg forgiveness, repent, nor ask pardon from her Maker, only to make excuses and justify her actions.

The Father responded, not in anger, but in judgement, “My Son made you. We have given you a paradise in which to live, and have done nothing but good for you. How could you willfully disobey the one law I have given you, with the knowledge that such disobedience will cause you death?”

“Death? Death? What is death?” they cried, questioning each other, and clung together before their God, shaking violently in shame and uncertainly as to what was about to happen to them.

“We are sorry! We fell into temptation, desiring only to be more like You,” declared Adam.

“Yes,” responded the Father, “you now know what evil is, and unfortunately you must pay the consequences. Unholy acts must be punished in My Presence. You are now impure. Your precious purity is gone. Evil now lives within you and will confront you all the days of your lives, because that serpent, Satan, has now taken control of your heart. I am holy and cannot tolerate, nor accept sin and impurity. Your punishment for this disobedience will be multiple.”

Adam and Eve stood before God and His Son, helpless and guilty, awaiting their verdict from the Father.

During this discourse the serpent quietly slithered into the area to observe what would happen to Adam and Eve as a result of his victory over them.

The Father immediately sensed his presence and spoke directly to him.

Satan entering Eden“Because you have corrupted Our creation, cursed are you, more than every beast of the field. On your belly shall you wander the earth, dust shall you eat, all the days of your life. And man and woman will have enmity with you because of what you have caused them.  He will crush your head, and you will bite his heel. An eternal battle will be besieged between you both.”

Then He turned to Eve, “Eve, you were made to propagate the earth with the seed of man, but this will not be effortless, nor an enjoyable experience. I will greatly multiply your pain in childbirth. Your desire will be for your husband, and he shall rule over you. You will complete your task on earth, but with much pain.”

“Adam, because of your disobedience, and submission to your wife’s suggestion, cursed is the ground. It will no longer spring forth fruit for you. You will toil to make it produce, and not only fruit will grow, but also thorns and thistles to complicate your task. Your life will now be sweat and toil forever. And you will return to the dust of the ground from which My Son so gloriously made you.”

Jesus grieved in the background to hear of the decree of decay and decline of his perfect creation which had acted in rebellion to His Father.

God then turned to His Son. “Jesus, make them garments to clothe their nakedness that they now know and recognize. Their sin requires them to hide their created beauty from one another and not be filled with lust for one another. Clothe them according to your fine judgement.”

“Man has supposedly made himself as Us, knowing good and evil, but now evil resides within them and lives beside them through the serpent and his allies.  We cannot permit them to eat of the Tree of Life and live forever!  Because of their disobedience, they must taste death. They can no longer remain in the Garden of Eden, and must leave and live on the earth outside this paradise we have created for them.”

Guardian of the Tree of Everlasting life

“I will station a trusted cherub to guard the Tree of Life in every direction to assure that no man shall ever taste of it,” decreed God.

The Father disappointingly turned and departed Eden, leaving His Son to carry out these last commands.

Jesus searched and found a beautiful beast, but had to execute him to obtain the skin to clothe Adam and Eve. As Adam observed the death of the animal and his blood spilling out upon the ground, he cried out, “Lord, I have never seen such a terrible scene!”

Jesus responded, “Adam, this is death, and, as My Father required me to do, I must kill this animal to secure skins to cover the shame, nakedness, and consequences of sin for you and Eve. This animal had to die for that purpose—to provide God’s provision for you, although be it only for a time.”  This is a sacrifice for your sake, to clothe and cover your sin of nakedness which you now recognize. The blood cries out from the ground!”

Jesus saying farewell to Adam and EveAfter carefully crafting the skins into clothes for each one, he tenderly placed them on Adam and Eve.  Then he escorted them out of Eden, and also ran out the serpent, threatening to bruise his head with his own holy heel.

Once outside Eden, Jesus turned to embrace them and said, “I must leave your fellowship now, for I cannot associate with your sinfulness. You must suffer the terrible consequences of your disobedience to the Father until you disappear in death from this earth. I pray that the memories of our time in paradise together will encourage you and guide you through the difficulties of your lives and the lives you propagate on earth to begin the race of man. Your disastrous decision has violently disrupted the original course of creation.”

“Jesus,” implored Adam, “The Father told us that now we will die! Please explain to us what is death is, and how it will affect us?”

“Death is the end of your existence on earth. What keeps you alive physically is the very blood in your bodies, which carries life giving air to your organs throughout. That same blood you saw spilling out from the beast from which I made your clothing. Your throbbing heart continually pushes this blood through your bodies, but one day, your heart will stop, and you will die, and your soul, which is your spiritual life, will depart. This living blood sustains your soul within your body. But, the evil that has now filled you, has destroyed the innocence of your soul, so now your soul must suffer for your sin eternally. Death is not good, and your sinful act will separate us forever. Our plan was to spend eternity with you in Eden!”

Adam and Eve gazed at one another in bitterness, unable to utter a single word after this explanation by their creator.

Jesus wept bitterly with them, grasped each one, and then tearfully turned to leave them alone on earth. He was filled with a desperate desire to consider with His Father some way to rescue and restore His lost creation that he loved so much and that his heart grieved so much to lose.

Jesus weeping for his creation

Creation is Contaminated by “The Fall”

This is the third excerpt from Chapter 1–The Creation. Next week’s post will finish off this Chapter. This post depicts the Fall which impacts all of us and all of our days, as we have to deal with temptation from Satan. With the Holy Spirit abiding within us, we have the power to resist such enticing temptation, and tell Satan–Be gone! Get behind me! And move down God’s path for our lives… Marlin

.Lucifer cast out of heaven

As we know, things are not always the same as in heaven as on earth. The chosen cherub, Lucifer, continued to focus more and more on himself, than his creator, God, and a strong prideful unrighteousness germinated within him. This corrupted sense of self control grew to concoct a ludicrous scheme to overthrow his Maker in Heaven. Such a chaotic coup could never occur in Heaven and he was brought before God who was totally intolerant of such absurd actions. His thoughts of triumph and deceit of victory abounded in holy defeat, and each cried out as perilous prosecutions against him.

God spoke, as Jesus observed, “Your wisdom was corrupted by means of your splendor. And I will cast you out of heaven to the grounds! You will be turned to ashes on earth,” declared God as he judged Lucifer’s rebellious act to become His perpetual enemy in the future.

The Father and the Son were bitterly distraught as this incident in Heaven was incited by a totally trusted cherub who had been succumbed by the growth and grandeur of his own pride. Such an event had never occurred in Heaven, but Lucifer had beguiled one third of the angels to unite with him. They were all thrown out of Heaven to reside on earth. Heaven demands a pure heart, one right before God. And their hearts were now defiled with pride and sin and could no longer co-exist in eternity.

Jesus became most concerned with such evildoers contaminating his earthly creation. Could he maintain this terrible influence separate from Adam and his helpmate enjoying paradise on earth? “May they never enter the Garden of Eden,” he implored. Then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a shadow sliding into Eden. “God help us!” he cried. I must now be even more present with them to give them strength against this Evil One.Satan entering Eden



Jesus wih Adam & Eve  Jesus descended even more frequently to commune with Adam and Eve, and vitalize his relationship with his loved ones. They would walk together every evening, enjoying the beauty of Eden, and he, the beauty of their blossoming relationship.

However, Jesus did not feel it appropriate to “lord it over them” with a constant presence, because they were made in his image and he desired that they live their own lives, not subordinate to his ruling. And they had specific tasks assigned by the Father to accomplish each day.


One day, as Eve worked alone, while Adam was cultivating soil around the Tree of Life, an unknown creature slithered near to her and stealthily addressed her. Eve was shocked because no other animal in Eden had ever spoken to her in a human like voice. At the same time she was equally impressed that this creature spoke directly and personally to her.

The serpent, Satan, began to lay his trap, desiring to first tempt Eve while alone. “Has not God told you, ‘You shall not eat of any tree in the garden?’

Eve peered at the serpent and responded, “Well, I’m eating from a delicious pomegranate tree right now. God told us we can eat the fruit of any tree in the garden. The fruit is sweet and sustains us. For our God provides for us all that we need!”

Satan had opened the door he desired, and continued, “But there is one tree in the middle of the garden that you may not touch nor eat, or you will die, according to God. And I am telling you, that even if you do, you surely will not die!”

Eve abruptly responded, “Why would God lie to us? We are here to do what he had told us to do and to maintain the beauty and life of this beautiful garden. His Son has provided a paradise for us!”

The serpent laughed and said, “When you eat of that fruit, your eyes will be opened, and you will become like God Himself, knowing good and evil. SSatan tempting Eveuch wisdom you will gain. Don’t you want wisdom?” persuaded the crafty creature. “Come, Eve, let’s go look at it! Follow me.”

Eve stood there in a decision making quandary. She had never been to look at this forbidden tree. She reluctantly began to follow the slithering creature to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

A while later they arrived. Eve was amazed at the glimmering leaves, the heavily barren branches, like they were reaching out offering her a taste. “There’s a lot of knowledge of good and evil on this tree,” she observed.  “It is so beautiful, and so enticing. And the aroma is so sweet!”

“Just a typical temptation,” murmured the serpent to himself.

“How can I resist such a delight?” Eve asked herself, and reached up to the branch to take down a fruit. “How could a fruit like this harm me?” she asked, and sank her teeth into the succulent flesh of the fruit, indulging in the temptation offered by the serpent.

Adam rebuking Eve

At that very moment, Adam burst onto the scene, shouting, “Eve, Eve, what are you doing? God has forbid us to taste the fruit of this tree! How could you deliberately disobey our Creator and God?”

“Adam, this fruit is so delicious, and my new friend,” she said pointing to the smiling serpent, “has told me that this fruit will make us even more like God. Would we not want to become more like Him, our Creator?”

As Adam surveyed the coiled serpent in the shade of the tree, he thought, “I have never seen this creature before in Eden, nor have ever given it a name.  Who and what is he, and how could he speak to us?”

The eyes continued to glare and gleam, staring into the heart and soul of Adam in a demanding and pulsating fashion, putting Adam into a most confused state.

Eve offereing Adam the fruitEve, reached up into the tree, and pulled down another enticing fruit, offering it to her helpmate. “Here, Adam, take it. It will delight you and one bite should not hurt.”

Very hesitantly, Adam took it into his hand, carefully scrutinized it, smelled of it, and its sensuous and pleasurable aroma began to overtake him.

From the shadows the serpent spoke to coerce the strong urge of his sensory perceptions and to encourage him to take the next step, “Taste it like Eve, and you will become like God, wise about knowing good and evil.”

Adam could no longer resist and chewed into the fruit. A mixture of sensations immediately infused him, signaling a significant change in his heart, mind, and being.

As he looked at Eve, he suddenly shouted, “You are naked, and I am too!” We must not expose ourselves so to each other. We must find some way to cover ourselves.”

Quickly Eve turned and picked up several large leaves and responded, “We can tie together these leaves with some small vines to cover ourselves.”

“Do so quickly because evening approaches and Our Lord will come looking for us. Adam & Eve hidingI am so ashamed of what we have done and don’t feel that I can even talk with Him today. We’ll just hide.”

When the serpent heard the name, Lord, he immediately slithered away, not desiring another confrontation with the Son, nor especially the Father. Yet he slid away with a victorious and vicious spirit, knowing he had obtained the first step in dividing the creation from the Creator. His primary objective was to wreak vengeance for the expulsion from Heaven and punishment for his actions.

Shortly afterwards, Jesus began to saunter through the garden, crying out for Adam and Eve. “This is so strange, they are normally eagerly awaiting my presence.  I sense that something has gone wrong today! Adam and Eve, where are you? I want to be with you. Please come out to me.”


The Creation–Adam and Eve

This week’s post includes the creation of man and woman and the Garden of Eden, and one other complicating factor. This is another excerpt from Chapter 1–The Creation. Hope that you enjoy reading it. I am always open to any ideas, suggestions, and/or comments you wish to share with me….Marlin



And it was the morning and evening of the Sixth Day of Creation. “What we have done thus far is magnificent,” declared God. “I feel that We need to need to stop and rest and reflect carefully upon the ensuing stage of Creation before we move forward. Not that we are tired, but a restful recess from this creation process will do us well.

“Yes, My Father, we have come a long way, and We want to finalize this work in the best possible way!” Jesus excitedly agreed.

“Jesus, We want to sanctify this day as the ‘Sabbath,’ a day of rest for Us and for Our Creation. And as You have predicted, there is much more to come. On Day Seven, the compelling culmination of our Divine Creation with take place.”

lucifer before the fall   And on the Seventh Day, God placed a chief cherubim, Lucifer, to care for Creation while He and His Son rested. Lucifer was full of wisdom, perfect in beauty, adorned with precious heavenly jewels, and strongly convinced of his high worth to the Father. As a heavenly creation of God, he was blameless and walked the world to protect and care for it during this brief interim. But during his wanderings, an intense feeling of desire to become his own master began to pursue him. Lucifer’s pride in the great responsibility that God had given him, began to deceive him and compel him to become his own master. Pride and deceit sprouted forth to infest and resist his previously innocent heart and willing obedience to God, his Lord. He carefully guarded this secret sinful attitude in his heart. (from Ezekiel 28:12-15a)

As the Father and the Son returned from their Sabbath rest to commence the next “day” of Creation, behold a mist arose, which inundated the surface of the land with needed moisture.

God turned to His Son and quietly revealed, “It is time for man. Make him of the earth, so that he will be of the very place for which he shall have responsibility.”

So Jesus stooped down to the earth, and formed the body of man from the very dust of His Creation. He lovingly lifted the body up and breathed life into his nostrils. He embraced his new creation with love and imparted him life, and giving him the needed strength to complete the important tasks yet to be assigned by the Father.

“You will be called, Adam,” He communicated to the open eyes staring back at him, “meaning, of the very dust of the earth. A name truly describing your origin,” directed Jesus to his new creation.creation of Adam

As the Father peered over Jesus’s shoulder he remarked, “My Son, man resembles You in his likeness!”

“Father, You said to make him in Our Image, and so I did, from the inside out!”

“He is beautiful and handsome, as are you. I have important responsibilities to bestow upon him, and You have well-endowed him to carry forth these tasks on earth.”



“First, let’s create an ideal place for him to live. Plant an expansive garden setting in the East, by the river flowing there, and grow many trees that are pleasing to the sight. I desire the Tree of Life to be located in the very center of the Garden, and also the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil planted in the Garden also.

“Father, why would You desire me to plant these two trees that are not of this creation?” asked Jesus, “It seems that such they could cause serious complications for man in his abode,” Jesus surmised.

“My Son, I desire man to have two choices. If he perseveres in total obedience he could be eventually blessed with the Tree of Life enduing him with even longer lasting life, multiple blessings, even to immortality and everlasting bliss, with Our Grace heaped upon him.”

Garden of Eden

“Consuming fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, would be the result of disobedience, because it would provide no beneficial knowledge for him. It would actually be the loss of good, due to evil. If he were to eat of the fruit of this tree, he would automatically acquire evil within himself. And the good he has presented to Us beforehand would be extricated by the new evil within.”

“These two trees in the garden exist as symbols of the choices he could make in Your beautiful garden, in which the roof will be the heavens, the floor, the fertile earth, and a myriad of accommodations spaciously set forth throughout the forests, such as meandering meadows and pleasant shores of the river.  His heart, our influence, and these surroundings should sway him strongly, to guide him to the Tree of Life!”

“My Father, I understand Your powerful logic, and my prayer is that he will do as We will him to do.”

“Jesus, because man is made in Our Image, he must have free will, as you earlier acknowledged. But Our Image within him should assist him to withstand temptation and any beckoning of evil, which should not even exist in this heavenly Garden of Eden. And We will make his spirit stronger every day!” promised the Father to His Son.

“Thank You, My Father, for this assurance. I will descend daily to commune with my man, and, as You said, strengthen him daily in Our Spirit,” assured Jesus.

Jesus then went about creating Eden, a luxurious garden and beautiful natural habitat for Adam.  “I will love to visit this place!” complemented Jesus to himself.

“Now, Jesus, place our man, Adam, in the Garden,” and Jesus placed him there.

And now the   Father descended to address Adam.

Jesus with Adam “Adam, you have a distinct purpose for being here,” directed God specific commands to His first human being. “Your important task is to cultivate these fertile fields within this garden, created just for you, and to take care of the Garden of Eden. From any tree of the garden you may eat, except from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, for that fruit will corrupt you and you will die. Don’t fall into temptation to partake of it for it will destroy not only you, but also your perfect life and habitat here.

Adam, taking in this straightforward command from the God of the Universe, assuredly nodded his head in agreement, as Jesus stood behind him with his hand placed upon his back.”

“My God, I am Your creation, and I will certainly follow Your command to me. I am made to serve You! Thank you for bringing me into life!” joyfully responded Adam.

God continued, “Our desire is for you to thoroughly enjoy this paradise on earth that We have created just for you!  Adam’s face broke out into a wide smile of thanksgiving and he bowed down before the Father in deep gratitude and thanksgiving. “Thank you for such a beautiful place for me to live!”

“Adam, your task is also to assign a name to each of the creatures that you see here in the Garden.

The Father and the Son departed for a time, but Jesus returned frequently to fellowship with Adam, and walk with him in the garden, especially in the cool and shade of the evenings.

One evening while they were visiting, the Father appeared between them, and said, “It is not good that Adam should be alone. Jesus, make him a helpmate suitable for him and I will cause a deep sleep to fall upon Adam while you do this work.

Jesus came to Adam’s side as he slept soundly and gently removed one of his ribs from his side, closed up the open flesh, and artfully crafted a beautiful living body from creation of Evethe one lone rib, similar in many ways to Adam, but distinctly different in other ways. She was also created in the image of Adam.

After Adam awoke, Jesus joyfully presented to him his human counterpart. Adam gazed over her beauty and marveled at her resemblance to himself and said, “She is the very flesh of my flesh, and bone of my bones. She will be called “woman,” because she was taken out of me!” He reached out and embraced her. And she bewilderingly hugged him back. By now, Adam had had much practice with naming, and the name “woman” came quickly to him.

“So be it,” spoke Jesus, and stepped forward, embracing them both in the love of the Creator as they all hugged one another. Jesus commented, “You may also call her Eve, the mother of man.”

Adam responded, “I like that name even better!”

Just as the animals inhabiting the Garden of Eden, Adam and his helpmate, in their natural state, had no clothing, but in their pure innocence there was no reason for shame as they viewed one another, and their individual beauty. They were both so strongly pleased to be in existence to serve God as He directed them. And Jesus drew near to them daily, he deeply displayed his love for them and cultivated a very meaningful fellowship with them.

Divine fellowship

The Creation Story, Part 1

Today I begin sharing excerpts from my manuscript, “Jesus, Our Lord, on Earth”.  God is the Father, and Jesus is His Son. A son always learns so much from his father, and desires to emulate him in every way.  And in time, he increases in the knowledge of his father. Especially, if his father is God Almighty! And that is the process in this book–Jesus learning so much from His Father, and comes to love so much His creation. In the next blog I will share the Sixth and Seventh Days of  creation, in which man appears on earth, and the subsequent events that occur. Hope you enjoy reading this portion. Please feel free to share any comments, suggestions, in the text and also ideas for the title of the book. with me.


Jesus, Our Lord, on Earth

Chapter 1—The Creation

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being by Him and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being.  In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.

John 1:1-4 (NIV)

hands making the world


formless and void   God approached the massive and encroaching formless void and spoke, “Come, My Son. I have an awe inspiring task for you to accomplish. And I will share with you my preferences as We begin”.

“Here I AM, My Father,” replied Jesus, as he suddenly appeared from Heaven’s hallowed hallways,“ And, as always, I will do exactly as You command. You brought me into being and I will always love, respect, and obey your wishes.”

“Jesus, Your Presence has enriched mine! I would not want to exist without you by my side,” responded the Father with evident joy in his voice. Now His focus returned to the task at hand.

“Do you see those heavens and earth? They are presently formless and void. Let us pass over them, My Son, and follow my inspirations as you perceive each one.”

“Of course, My Father. You are all-knowing and always the origin of my every motivation,” replied Jesus, smiling, and gently grasping his Father’s shoulder.

“Let there be light, to eliminate the darkness” suggested the Father to His Son. creation of light

“Of course,” My Father. “I AM the Light, and I will create the very light You desire!”

Thus broke forth a strong and intense radiance as the first stage of Creation began. The Light of the Son shone, and the light of the sun would appear much later.

“This is beautiful, My Son. Exactly as I envisioned. You always fulfill my desire. Now we must separate the light from the darkness. They are incompatible,” declared the Father.

Jesus responded immediately, “Yes, Father, you are correct, because darkness is not who I AM, nor never wish to be!” And Jesus commanded the dispersal and division of these two opposite elements of the universe.

God expounded, “We will call the light, day, and the darkness, night.”

And thus concluded the Day One of Creation. Then, after a brief interim back in Heaven, God beckoned to His Son again. “We are just getting started, Son. I need you to continue this task with Me.

“Of course, My Father. Whatever you desire.” And they sauntered out of Heaven together.

“Now, Jesus,” began the Father as he pointed into the present state of Creation, “let us create spaciousness in the midst of this mass of waters, for a reason.separating heavens and earth

So Jesus separated the waters which were below, from the waters which were above, just as His Father requested. And then the heavens brilliantly appeared!

“Great work, again, My Son. These heavens must shine. Now we will have evening and morning for this world,” and Day Two of Creation had been completed.

“Yes, My Father, as always, according to Your divine plan, apparent chaos falls into perfect order,” exclaimed Jesus, with much satisfaction, “And I am honored to be a part of this creative process, and am grateful to eliminate the chaos and create Your order. I am always learning from you!” as he smiled boldly back to God.

“My Son, it is my pleasure to involve you, and it has many reasons behind it,” responded His Father solemnly.

creation of land  “Now, Jesus, Our task continues. Please separate those waters below the heavens, and create a solid ground in their midst.

Jesus proclaimed, “Let dry land appear!” and a bulk of earth came into shape between the seas.

“We will call the dry land, ‘earth,’ and the waters ‘seas’, “spoke God. “Your work is so good, My Son. You’ve performed exactly according to My impeccable plan for this creation!” the Father complemented His Son. “However, there is one more action required right now. We don’t desire just a piece of barren land. Bring forth vegetation to cover the earth and foster plant life upon it,” requested God.

“Father, I will create foliage yielding seeds, and trees bearing fruit, to reproduce themselves on the earth perpetually.”  And thus plant life emerged, sprouted, and plantsmultiplied, as Jesus spoke the greenery into existence.

“This is excellent, My Son, and so concludes the Day Three of Our Creation.”

“Hmmm,” thought Jesus, “three has always been one of my favorite numbers!” And he sensed strongly that this very number would become integral in His future at some point. Jesus retreated back into the Halls of Heaven, briefly unoccupied with his “creation work” to enjoy the splendor of his home, and the pleasure of the adoring angels surrounding him. But then the Father called him back out of Heaven again.

“My Son, these plants require a specific light to remain alive, and we must provide them that special source of light forever, and to establish day and night in this world. Let’s get creative again!” laughed God encouragingly to his Son.

sun and the moon2

“Sure, My Father, I can certainly create all the light this world needs.” So Jesus shaped two distinct orbs in the heavens: a greater light to govern the day, which he named the “sun,” and a lesser light to rule the night, entitled the “moon”. And then He sprinkled across the skies beautiful stars, sparkling and visible at night, which would give signs of the seasons on earth for days and years, and centuries to follow.

“Once again, My Son, your work is spectacularly good,” declared the Father, “and so finishes the Day Four of Our creation.”

fish  God turned to his Son, “Now we must bring into being other than mere plant life on this planet that We have created. Let’s begin with the seas,” He suggested to His Son. “Create life in the waters at all depths.”

So Jesus devotedly dipped His Hands into those waters below the heavens and the seas spontaneously began to teem with swarms of living creatures, and even birds birdsappeared and began to fly over the seas and forested land. I AM the source of life and creating life is delightful for me,” declared Jesus, laughing exuberantly to His Father.

God blessed the work of His Son and the abundant life on earth swarming in the seas and abounding in the skies, “Be fruitful and multiply.” And so concluded the Fifth Day.

After a brief interlude, God summoned His Son again, “Today we will focus on life on the land just as we did with the seas yesterday. You have already created a forested vegetation on earth where these creatures will naturally dwell,” stated the Father to His Son.

Jesus responded to His Father’s indication, “Let the earth bring forth living creatures after their kind, every kind of beast.” And four legged animals began to appear on earth of every size, species, and genus.

four legged beasts

“Once again, My Son,” proclaimed the Father, “Your work is so superior!”

“Thank You, My Father. I am here solely to please and fulfill Your Holy desire,” responded Jesus, as he felt a wondrous sense of satisfaction in his heart for the confidence of His Father in Him.

God and Jesus


It's all about God's plans

Last July while trudging back up the slight hill from the mailbox to our home I noticed that my right foot was dropping and not functioning properly. This incapacity continued to worsen and started to spread upward through my leg to the point where I was limping every day and everywhere I went.  Then over Christmas it jumped into my arms and hands resulting in severe weakness and constant trembling and muscle twitching over all my body.  Also during this period I was losing significant weight, not from dieting, but from the atrophying of muscle mass—about 60 pounds to date.

“What is going on?” I continuously asked myself. But in God, I have total confidence. He has a plan no matter how it appears to us.  It is always perfect for His purposes. God has a bigger plan than I have for myself-2 Now I am awaiting a diagnosis which, hopefully, will result in a treatment regimen to reverse or at least slow down this degenerative disease process.  Although I am in the midst of a stormy situation, I reside on an island of peace with my Lord Almighty each day and He calms my heart.

During these difficult months God has been leading me, giving me the necessary perseverance and determination to complete my teaching responsibilities at the end of May. Now I have no recourse but to retire with disability. At the same time He has bestowed upon me His definitive desire for what He wants me to do next. And it all begins with the Beatitudes. As I have stated repeatedly, “The Beatitudes bring us closer to Jesus,” In my increased intimacy with My Savior and Lord, He has placed a specific sensitivity to His inspiration toward the “next step”.

Jesus healing  We are all very familiar with Jesus, His life, His purpose, and the Scriptures revealing His diverse ministry on Earth. But at the same time He is mostly observed as a New Testament figure who lived on Earth 2,000 years ago.  “I want people to see what my daily life was like on Earth,” He has constantly said to me. “so that they can identify with me even more, understand my daily dilemmas and the desires of my heart. I want to be more ‘personal’ to every person.”

His stated desire on my heart has opened the next chapter in my life, regardless of my health situation—to write a book about His life on Earth. It begins with the Creation Divine fellowshipStory, then continues with God’s preparations on Earth for Jesus, His coming and ministry, and dynamic interaction with humanity.

Jesus in a manger  My pleasure will be to share excerpts from each chapter with you.  Currently I   am developing Chapter 5—His Coming to Earth. Now I realize that such a book, could be controversial to some, but my basis of writing will be exclusively from the Scriptures and with the sole purpose of making the message of the Good News and Jesus’ purpose on Earth even clearer to people who have never captured his salvation message.Jesus-poor in spirit

Please pray with me and for me in this writing process and in just a few days I will begin to share with you portions of what is already written thus far.  My goal is to finish the book by the end of July. Your comments, suggestions, and feedback will be much appreciated and very meaningful for me.

Your Feedback Will Be Appreciated!!!

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This is only the first step of a “makeover” process to attract more viewers and help bring the Beatitudes Message more effectively to our generation!  That is God’s great passion on my heart, and this website should become an integral part of this process.  I really need your input for this purpose and will be deeply grateful for your assistance!

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Babbie Mason played a such pivotal & positive part in critiquing our songs for The Beatitudes Life Album. Babbie will be interviewing myself and Annette Herndon

Annette Herndonon “Babbie’s House on the Radio” on her new indie station this next Thursday at 5 pm (EST).   I invite you to join us!
She is also featuring “Vessel of Peace” this month on her song rotation.

This is the song she sings so spectacularly on the album.


  Babbie Mason


Jesus sermon on mount

                                                            Jesus imparted these heavenly promises before declaring the deep meanings of the Law in His Sermon on the Mount. He affirmed that the Beatitudes would make us His salt and light on earth, flavoring our world with His love and passion to be effective messengers of His salvation mission to mankind. This powerful passage also assures abundant spiritual blessings for every believer.

confused apathetic Christian   The great misfortune is that the Beatitudes are relatively unknown by many Christians. A vague familiarity may exist, but can many actually recite them, perceive their deep meanings, and prosper in their promises? Could Jesus be distraught that His Body has not seriously engaged in these incredible truths He laid out for us centuries ago?



The Beatitudes are an astounding spiritual pilgrimage that will remake us as who we are in Christ. They are a passionate walk and relationship with Him in which you surrender a piece of your heart in each one. The Beatitudes fortify and transport us into deeper intimacy with Our Savior. We become completely consumbeatitudes2ed with Jesus! Why would we want to pass them by? Some are understandably difficult to grasp and undertake, but they empower our growth and witness, equipping us for heavenly living on earth.




Beatitudes -3 The Beatitudes are who Jesus was on this earth, revealing His character and personality. They carry us to comprehend the inner self of Our Lord and transform us to live as He did on earth.

  • Jesus was never poor in spirit until that precise moment He assumed our deadly sin. Our Lord and the Creator of the universe stepped down from heaven and Jesus-poor in spiritclothed Himself in human flesh to be our sacrifice. We must see ourselves as spiritual beggars before Christ, recognizing all that He did for us.
  • Those who mourn totally trust in Him to carry us through and release us from our distresses. Jesus displayed this same desperate Jesus praying to his fatherdependence daily to His Father for guidance and sustenance on earth. Jesus promises and pours comfort and peace upon us beyond all understanding.
  • The meek must seek less of me and more of Him in genuine humility, just like Jesus walked this earth totally submitting daily to His Father’s Will. Our inheritance are incredible days—His perfect plan for our lives.

Jesus washing the disciples feet

We have now set aside our spiritual pride, converted our mourning into a brand new morning. Our ego is gone. We have no distractions. Our primary desire is to focus only on God!

  • We hunger and thirst for His Word which is now our world. We come to understand it more fully and the mighty messages of Jesus to proclaim His ministry. Jesus is the word2Our appetites are ravenous, yet we are constantly filled.
  •  His Word enables the merciful to deeply comprehend His great mercy. We are overwhelmed by our personal mercy encounter with Jesus! His mercy now floods us and flows to others, just as Jesus imparted acts of abundant mercy everywhere He went.                                                                     closer to Jesus
  • The pure in heart possess a fervent desire to be at one with God. Yet total honesty with ourselves and God pose a significant challenge. We must fully expose our inner self to His Holy scrutiny, confessing all sin and any addiction that impedes our relationship. After desperately pleading for its removal we become totally Jesus pure in hearttransparent with Our Lord, just as Jesus was daily with His Father. He never held anything back, not even in the Garden!  We now see Him clearly and view the world through His eyes.
  • Jesus the peacemaker  Peacemakers spring from pure hearts and are clearly recognized as His children. Our mission is to reconcile the lost to the Father through His Gospel and promote peace between people, utilizing heavenly wisdom.  We leave peace prints wherever we go, just like Jesus did.
  • In this sinfully dominated world our peacemaking efforts will provoke persecution. We will suffer, whether daily in pieces, or all at one time. At this stage of our spiritual walk there are no regrets nor desires to turn back, because we are totally committed to Christ. Like Jesus on the cross, we are ready to profess Him, defend His name, and, if necessary, die for HimJesus the persecuted


Do you see how the Beatitudes lead us to live like Jesus did on this earth?  Do you see their purposeful sequenced order? Each one leads you to and prepares you for the next one, bringing you progressively closer to God and to live more like Him.


Let the Beatitudes cultivate the real Jesus in you, and become His attitude in all you do.  Truly experience them!  Let them compel you to carry His Beatitudes message to our generation.  Jesus will thank you immensely!

Praising Jesus10

Comments from latest Beatitudes Bible Study

Macedonia Bapt, SS Class, Mrs. Becky Woodward

The Ladies Coffee Group at Macedonia Baptist Church in Hiawassee, Georgia, recently completed The Beatitudes Bible Study, led by Becky Woodard. She sent me these comments from various participants at the conclusion of their study. They’re powerful and I want to share them with you! I have them separated by Beatitude.


Beggar“Blessed are the poor in spirit for they will inherit the earth.”

  “I am happy to hear the Word of God. About the ‘poor in spirit’….I am nothing without God. God is so good to us…I feel happy every time I   listen to the Word of God. I know that He will make my life wonderful….Amen.       Evilyn White (from the Phillippines)

“I have always loved the Beatitudes. Now I believe that I understand them better, particularly “the poor in spirit.’  I now see that it is a starting place, a beginning of recognizing my failures and needs. That is the start of dealing with them and doing what God wants me to do. However, ‘the peacemaker’ is what I focus on almost daily. I feel a strong need to be a Peacemaker. Anger and anxiety must be kept away, so that Peace is present in my life as I talk and deal with people. ‘Peacemakers who sow in peace, raise a harvest of righteousness.’( James 3:18)”        Mary Lynne

Bear fruit

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”

“All of the Beatitudes were extremely meaningful to me…I selected this one.’ I wanted to see something in this reading to reassure my children. 1) Our Lord Get the log out of your own eyeimparts and overwhelming a sense of peace that ‘surpasses all understanding.’ (Philippians 4:6-7) 2) God promises a blessed uniting with those who have preceded us and are now residents in our future heavenly destination (John 11:25-26), and, most importantly, 3) Our indescribable and Jesus awaits us in Heavenlong-awaited encounter with Jesus Christ in heavenly form, more personal and real than we could ever imagine.”     Linda Millians

“This was the Beatitude that stood out most to me. After numerous deaths in my family, my mother, both of my brothers, my husband, and the unexpected death of my oldest son, left me feeling loss in a way I have never felt before. Jesus is now my constant companion and I feel comforted. He will never forsake me. His very presence fills my heart with joy in spite of my grief.  To think that God would even notice me is a wonder, how awesome it is to know he loves me and you. That is an overwhelming thought, to be cherished, and I am looking forward to seeing my loved ones again. Thank you for sharing with us through your blessed book.”        Darlene Bradshaw

As I read the powerful Epilogue about Wes and how he went through losing his daughter, this really jumped out at me. It sounded like a description of myself when I lost my daughter to cancer, November 22, 2014. It gave me a lot of insight of what I need to do with myself. I finally prayed for Jesus to take matters into His Hands. I turned all my sorrow and pain over to My Lord, Jesus Christ.

After this I hungered and thirsted to learn more about Jesus Christ, and that when I came across the Beatitude, ‘Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.’ Thank you for this book, it’s made me see my life differently.”    Patsy Giddens  study the Word

 Praising Jesus10    “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.”

If I have a favorite Beatitude it is this.  I pray from now on I can have these same characteristics by being humble, denying myself, show tender mercy and genuine care for all people in this world.

I was especially blessed by the Holy Spirit as I scaled the Mirrored Mountains of Meekness in the Land of the Beatitudes. As I  mirrored mountains, Marlin. J Harris, Let the Beatitudes be my attitude in youexhaustedly climbed that mountain, I felt that I left bits and pieces of “self” hanging on every other tree branch. As I reached the summit, my own reflections had faded away, but the peaks were glowing with Christ’s love, mercy, and grace that He so freely gives to all who will receive Him. “He must increase, and I must decrease.” John 3:30

“This study has blessed me and I have grown spiritually because of it. I have a much better understanding of the lessons Jesus wanted his Disciples to learn before sending them out into the world. Now, I can apply these same lessons to my personal Christian walk.     Kathleen Cole

“In this busy life it is a challenge to seek Jesus and God’s Will for the day. My prayer is that I see Jesus and His Will, give up pride and self. I want to decrease and for Jesus increase each day.”  Jean Kendall


“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”

“This is my favorite Beatitude. I realize that each Beatitude prior to this one actually led up to this one—our holiness—our sanctification, which come with our Put yourself before Godunderstanding of our salvation so freely given by a merciful God to sinful man, and our desire to let go of our old grievous ways, and our hurt and bitterness—leaving them at the cross. The joy and desire to please Him makes us long to see Him and be like Him. He refines my soul as I walk daily with Him. My fiery trials purge me and slowly mold me into the holy person God wants me to be—transparent before Him—Close to Him, and effective in witness and purpose. It is my prayer to always bring my cares and my failures to Him—asking to be purged and cleansed daily. I desire God’s smile upon me always.”     Becky Woodard (Group Leader)

Beatitudes -3

“The entirety of The Beatitudes is God speaking to us as we will use them every day to re-create ourselves in His image and likeness….I especially connect with spiritual poverty at times when my God connection should be the strongest. Self gets in the way. I will definitely refer to my readings of this book many times in my future to keep me focused on, pleasing, and identifying with the everlasting love of Our God.”      Marilyn

My heart was touched to watch these ladies participate in this writing exercise. They were prayerful and thoughtful as they expressed themselves. After our class dismissed they continued to share their comments orally, and stated how they would treasure the book and refer to it often.

THANK YOU FOR SUCH A WONDERFUL STUDY BOOK ON THE POWERFUL BEATITUDES.                                            Becky Woodard 

 book coverThe Beatitudes Bible Study (with lesson powerpoints), the study book (pictured above), and The Beatitudes Life album are available at discounted prices under Purchase on this website. Please get a copy of the book, read it, and let God lead you to do this Study to help carry these precious spiritual jewels from Jesus to our generation for Him!  They change who we are in Him, draw us closer to Him, and make us even more effective instruments for Him here on earth!



When Jesus was born, so were The Beatitudes!

Jesus in a manger

  “Can it be that on this night, in this humble place,”

 ”Heaven’s majesty in human form appeared?”

 ”Savior, Emmanuel, Perfect Grace and Truth,”

 ”King of all, Jesus Christ, Hope has come.”

 ”Rejoice, rejoice, The Promised One appeared,”

 ”Rejoice, rejoice, God’s Salvation’s here!”

 ”Glory to God, Glory to God, Glory to God, forever and ever!

 Excerpts from the anthem “Rejoice,” Composed by Jody Cross, arranged by Adam Lancaster & produced by Thomas Road Baptist Church  Rejoice anthem

I was so blessed to sing this amazing song with a good friend and choir colleague in our church’s Christmas Cantata this past Sunday morning. I have never seen a song that captures so vividly God’s great goodness expressed through His Only Son, coming to earth and wrapping Himself in fragile and frail human flesh to become the ultimate sacrifice of love to bring His own lost creation back to Himself.

Satan, Adam & Eve


Our Lord exceeds and extrapolates beyond human comprehension a passionate love for a wildly rebellious creation that pridefully and purposefully, with the prompting of Satan, fractured the divine fellowship He so savored with us.  Our Savior, who came to dwell with us, now yearns to dwell within us every single day of our lives.

Divine fellowship






Jesus, on earth, was a human being, fully God and yet fully man, and the perfect Person. How can we understand Jesus’ inner self? Well, He revealed His charBeatitudes -3acter and  personality profile to us at the very beginning of His mighty ministry on earth. The Beatitudes are who Jesus was in this world: succumbing to the cross and assuming our sin to become poor in spirit, pouring consolation upon all who mourned, restraining His heavenly power in meekness, hungering ravenously for God’s Word, displaying mercy in every place He stepped, revealing His pure heart in every action and reaction, being the ultimate peacemaker to reconcile man with God, and as the very One persecuted for our righteousness sake.


That is the very reason He shared The Beatitudes with mankind, even before preaching His first sermon to the multitudes. Why would have He done that?  Because theyJesus sermon on mount are so important to Him! And they are who He is!  So they are vital for us.  The Beatitudes enable us, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to become more like Jesus and live as He did while on this earth.



The Beatitudes are JesusTake up the Beatitudes this year. They far surpass any New Year’s resolution. They are His solutions–God’s attitude, His blessings and promises come to live in us! To help us become His effective instruments on earth. Don’t pass them by.  Allow Our Lord to make you who He desires you to be through them and live out His plan for your life. There is so much in them stored up for you!





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This His deepest desire for you–to come even closer to Him, and become even more like Him through His beautiful attitudes--The Beatitudes! closer to Jesus