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Beatitudes -5

The Purposeful Sequenced Order of the Beatitudes, their “Mentalities, & Concluding Questions

Why are the Beatitudes sequenced as they are?  Each one fully prepares you for the next.

God be mercifulThe Poor in Spirit: We cannot enter into a realistic relationship with God until we comprehend his greatness and grandeur and, simultaneously, our poverty and insignificance in comparison to him.  Yet, regardless of these two infinite extremes, God seeks a personal relationship with each one of us, although we are minute spiritual beggars before him.  He yearns to enlarge us with his amazing spiritual riches.

Those who Mourn: After we have encountered our Supreme and Caring Creator, Mourninghow  can we not turn life’s problems and wearying burdens to him?  When we arrive at this mindset to release our burdens to Christ and depend totally on him the heavenly consolation of this Beatitude becomes reality. Life becomes so much easier!


The Meek: Once we transfer the weights of our world to Christ, we know that He can manage our life infinitely better than the “mighty me” that strives to dominate our every decision. Put the “me” in the back seat and let Jesus become our designated driver.

Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness sake: We have set aside three God's  Word gives lightmajor distractions: spiritual pride, emotional and spiritual burdens, and an addictive preoccupation with self.  Our primary desire is to know and experience God more deeply every day.  We dive into and dine upon his Word—The Scripture and Jesus Living in us.

_64857147_jesus-(ferdinand-kingsley)-The Merciful:  Banqueting on God’s Word unlocks the deep expanses of his justice, mercy, and grace.  His standard of Justice in holy and perfect, His Mercy motivated our salvation, and His Grace fully satisfied Justice and Mercy. God’s unconditional love resurrects our lives.

The Pure in Heart:  Our deep comprehension of God stimulates supreme confidence toThe cross in your heart open up our heart and plea for his intimate scrutiny to reveal any secret, resilient, or unknown sin impeding a full relationship with him.  We want a pure heart! With those sins identified and confessed we are now totally transparent before God. We see him and the world through his eyes.  Also we desire to purify every relationship we have on earth.

The Peacemakers:  Our view of the world is the same as Christ’s and his burden vine & branchesbecomes our burden. We are protagonists of his peace and ready for spiritual “battle” to promote his peace with all in our pathway. His heart is our heart!

following Jesus

The Persecuted:  Effective peacemaking brings persecution in this world. We must be prepared and expectant for any evil opposition that confronts us. Every aspect of our being is now in tune with God.  Our only desire is to be with God whether here or “there”.

Each Beatitudes prepares us for and leads us to the next! 

The Mind of Christ

The Beatitude Mentalities

Each Beatitude attitude is in reality a “mentality” acquired through the sincere experience of each one.

 The poor in spirit:  I recognize my spiritual poverty which will result in heavenly riches.

 Those who mourn:  I release all my hurts and worries to him.

 The meek:  I submit myself to Jesus and turn the cheek, and will never be derailed from his will.

Those that hunger and thirst for righteousness:  I maintain a stay hungry feast on God’s Word.

The merciful:  Let his mercy fill me and flood through me to others.

 The peacemakers:  I will be a piece of God’s peace on this earth.

Those persecuted for righteousness sake:  I am ready and willing to give it all up for Christ right now!

Concluding questions for final reflection:

Beatitude pix11. How have the Beatitudes made you different than who you were before?

2. What major purposes for your life has God revealed to you through the Beatitudes?

3. Is God spiritually empowering your life now through:  Intense daily communion with him,  Daily intake of his Word,  Daily searching and sensitivity to his workings in your life,  Courage to make a daily difference for him,  Becoming more beautiful in and for him!

4. Will you lead others to and through the Beatitude Quest?

Peace beyond beliefLet the Beatitudes become God’s attitude in you.

Be in full fellowship with Him.  Become the “who” He created you to be.  Let God see his beauty in you! Become a hero and difference maker in this world as he changes you every single day!

His spirit will become your beloved Master and master you more each day.

Commit to the quest to be all that you were meant to be in Christ, because at the end, you’ll be so glad you did!accross the bridge

Next week we’ll discuss “The Beatitudes Bible Study Group Leader Guide” currently under production by Crossbooks of LifeWay to help you Lead the Quest for others!

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