Creation is Contaminated by “The Fall”

This is the third excerpt from Chapter 1–The Creation. Next week’s post will finish off this Chapter. This post depicts the Fall which impacts all of us and all of our days, as we have to deal with temptation from Satan. With the Holy Spirit abiding within us, we have the power to resist such enticing temptation, and tell Satan–Be gone! Get behind me! And move down God’s path for our lives… Marlin

.Lucifer cast out of heaven

As we know, things are not always the same as in heaven as on earth. The chosen cherub, Lucifer, continued to focus more and more on himself, than his creator, God, and a strong prideful unrighteousness germinated within him. This corrupted sense of self control grew to concoct a ludicrous scheme to overthrow his Maker in Heaven. Such a chaotic coup could never occur in Heaven and he was brought before God who was totally intolerant of such absurd actions. His thoughts of triumph and deceit of victory abounded in holy defeat, and each cried out as perilous prosecutions against him.

God spoke, as Jesus observed, “Your wisdom was corrupted by means of your splendor. And I will cast you out of heaven to the grounds! You will be turned to ashes on earth,” declared God as he judged Lucifer’s rebellious act to become His perpetual enemy in the future.

The Father and the Son were bitterly distraught as this incident in Heaven was incited by a totally trusted cherub who had been succumbed by the growth and grandeur of his own pride. Such an event had never occurred in Heaven, but Lucifer had beguiled one third of the angels to unite with him. They were all thrown out of Heaven to reside on earth. Heaven demands a pure heart, one right before God. And their hearts were now defiled with pride and sin and could no longer co-exist in eternity.

Jesus became most concerned with such evildoers contaminating his earthly creation. Could he maintain this terrible influence separate from Adam and his helpmate enjoying paradise on earth? “May they never enter the Garden of Eden,” he implored. Then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a shadow sliding into Eden. “God help us!” he cried. I must now be even more present with them to give them strength against this Evil One.Satan entering Eden



Jesus wih Adam & Eve  Jesus descended even more frequently to commune with Adam and Eve, and vitalize his relationship with his loved ones. They would walk together every evening, enjoying the beauty of Eden, and he, the beauty of their blossoming relationship.

However, Jesus did not feel it appropriate to “lord it over them” with a constant presence, because they were made in his image and he desired that they live their own lives, not subordinate to his ruling. And they had specific tasks assigned by the Father to accomplish each day.


One day, as Eve worked alone, while Adam was cultivating soil around the Tree of Life, an unknown creature slithered near to her and stealthily addressed her. Eve was shocked because no other animal in Eden had ever spoken to her in a human like voice. At the same time she was equally impressed that this creature spoke directly and personally to her.

The serpent, Satan, began to lay his trap, desiring to first tempt Eve while alone. “Has not God told you, ‘You shall not eat of any tree in the garden?’

Eve peered at the serpent and responded, “Well, I’m eating from a delicious pomegranate tree right now. God told us we can eat the fruit of any tree in the garden. The fruit is sweet and sustains us. For our God provides for us all that we need!”

Satan had opened the door he desired, and continued, “But there is one tree in the middle of the garden that you may not touch nor eat, or you will die, according to God. And I am telling you, that even if you do, you surely will not die!”

Eve abruptly responded, “Why would God lie to us? We are here to do what he had told us to do and to maintain the beauty and life of this beautiful garden. His Son has provided a paradise for us!”

The serpent laughed and said, “When you eat of that fruit, your eyes will be opened, and you will become like God Himself, knowing good and evil. SSatan tempting Eveuch wisdom you will gain. Don’t you want wisdom?” persuaded the crafty creature. “Come, Eve, let’s go look at it! Follow me.”

Eve stood there in a decision making quandary. She had never been to look at this forbidden tree. She reluctantly began to follow the slithering creature to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

A while later they arrived. Eve was amazed at the glimmering leaves, the heavily barren branches, like they were reaching out offering her a taste. “There’s a lot of knowledge of good and evil on this tree,” she observed.  “It is so beautiful, and so enticing. And the aroma is so sweet!”

“Just a typical temptation,” murmured the serpent to himself.

“How can I resist such a delight?” Eve asked herself, and reached up to the branch to take down a fruit. “How could a fruit like this harm me?” she asked, and sank her teeth into the succulent flesh of the fruit, indulging in the temptation offered by the serpent.

Adam rebuking Eve

At that very moment, Adam burst onto the scene, shouting, “Eve, Eve, what are you doing? God has forbid us to taste the fruit of this tree! How could you deliberately disobey our Creator and God?”

“Adam, this fruit is so delicious, and my new friend,” she said pointing to the smiling serpent, “has told me that this fruit will make us even more like God. Would we not want to become more like Him, our Creator?”

As Adam surveyed the coiled serpent in the shade of the tree, he thought, “I have never seen this creature before in Eden, nor have ever given it a name.  Who and what is he, and how could he speak to us?”

The eyes continued to glare and gleam, staring into the heart and soul of Adam in a demanding and pulsating fashion, putting Adam into a most confused state.

Eve offereing Adam the fruitEve, reached up into the tree, and pulled down another enticing fruit, offering it to her helpmate. “Here, Adam, take it. It will delight you and one bite should not hurt.”

Very hesitantly, Adam took it into his hand, carefully scrutinized it, smelled of it, and its sensuous and pleasurable aroma began to overtake him.

From the shadows the serpent spoke to coerce the strong urge of his sensory perceptions and to encourage him to take the next step, “Taste it like Eve, and you will become like God, wise about knowing good and evil.”

Adam could no longer resist and chewed into the fruit. A mixture of sensations immediately infused him, signaling a significant change in his heart, mind, and being.

As he looked at Eve, he suddenly shouted, “You are naked, and I am too!” We must not expose ourselves so to each other. We must find some way to cover ourselves.”

Quickly Eve turned and picked up several large leaves and responded, “We can tie together these leaves with some small vines to cover ourselves.”

“Do so quickly because evening approaches and Our Lord will come looking for us. Adam & Eve hidingI am so ashamed of what we have done and don’t feel that I can even talk with Him today. We’ll just hide.”

When the serpent heard the name, Lord, he immediately slithered away, not desiring another confrontation with the Son, nor especially the Father. Yet he slid away with a victorious and vicious spirit, knowing he had obtained the first step in dividing the creation from the Creator. His primary objective was to wreak vengeance for the expulsion from Heaven and punishment for his actions.

Shortly afterwards, Jesus began to saunter through the garden, crying out for Adam and Eve. “This is so strange, they are normally eagerly awaiting my presence.  I sense that something has gone wrong today! Adam and Eve, where are you? I want to be with you. Please come out to me.”


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