Excerpt from Chapter 2–God’s Perfect Plan!

Jesus was brokenhearted at what happened to His creation.

Chapter 2 is primarily a conversation between the Father and

His Son to find a way to restore their creation back to them. This

week is part 1, and you will read part 2 next week….Marlin

Chapter 2 — God’s Perfect Plan

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn, but to save the world through him. 

John 3: 16-17


Jesus surrounded by angels

As Jesus reentered heaven from the Garden of Eden, heavy of heart due to the sinful corruption of his previously pure creation, angels suddenly surrounded him, adoring and praising him with a strong desire to encourage his spirit. They had never seen Jesus downcast before. After moments of heavenly bliss and exaltation by these cherished celestial companions, Jesus joined them in song, uplifting the glory of his Father and Creator.

“I must speak to my father now,” declared Jesus,” and remove this burden from my heart.  Heaven is no place to carry a heavy heart!”

So he entered the Throne Room of Heaven where his Father, obviously awaited him, with the foreknowledge of why he sought to speak with him.Jesus entering the throneroom

“My Son, Adam and Eve are now out of Eden! Thank you for following my directions to begin a new era of life on earth, although this life is certainly not what we desired for them.”

“Yes, My Father. I escorted them out of Eden and explained to them how they will maintain their life on earth – what to expect in death.  And again, why they must die, and what will happen with their eternal souls.”

“Jesus, it is good that you clarified all of this to help them now comprehend the full consequences of their terrible decision to consume the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, as prompted by Lucifer when he pricked their pride, as he did to himself. The profound problem is that this decision is not just constrained to only their hearts and generation, but will flow from them to all humanity that they propagate, and to all generations to follow. Evil is so insidious, invasive, and irreconcilable. And Lucifer and his minions will only accelerate and exacerbate evil on earth from generation to generation.”

God and Jesus  Jesus reflected, “This is not good, not good at all! Our creation seems totally lost!” And at this very moment he decided to make his plea to his Father, who had directed their act of creation, and he knew that his Father loved and cherished it as much as did he.  “My father, it seems so hopeless, tragic, and terrible, but in your great wisdom, knowledge, and love, is there not some miraculous way we can restore back our creation to us?”

“My Son, I have been pondering that question myself, and there is a way, which we have to carefully consider.”

“Oh, my God, my Father, what wonderful news!” as Jesus jumped up so gratefully to embrace his Father. His father tearfully took and tenderly held his hand. Jesus was perceiving these were tears of such joy flowing, as he was sensing. Yet His Father continued to stare downward, and then spoke,   Jesus with the cross

“My Son, let’s recount the beginning, as you explained to them about their precious life giving blood that sustains their human life on earth for a time. This blood not only perpetuates their physical life, but represents their spiritual being also.  Because of their sinful act in Eden their punishment must be to die and spend eternity separate from us. And all succeeding generations will follow them in death because of the evil now residing in their hearts which will invade and contaminate the “seed” of each new human brought into being. It cannot be eliminated from them.  And We cannot deny justice and judgement for this sin.  Holiness must be upheld. Therefore, punishment for this vile disobedience must be delivered. Death for sin must be paid by the sinner. And now every human being becomes an inherent sinner before they are even born, due to the sin of Adam and Eve in Eden. In life on earth their carnal nature will lead each one to commit many sins, which will combine with the ensnaring enticements of Satan on earth. They must die for every sin acted out on earth.”  Jesus slowly bowed his head in regret and recognition at this statement of holy truth and justice by his Father of the reality of the death verdict for all humanity.”

My Son, We are holy. We have no choice but to apply justice to unjust and rebellious actions, just as we did to Lucifer and his hellions when we exiled them from heaven. There is no way we could tolerate such pride, evil, and intentions here in our hallowed home! Their actions decreed our actions, and the same must happen for the disobedience by Adam and Eve and all children of humanity.”

“My father, I certainly understand and completely agree that justice must be ordained and a righteous punishment be decreed and delivered. Yet we are also Beings of love and mercy and I feel that We should be able to seek out some solution to this sin problem of man.”

“You are absolutely correct, My Son.  And that is what we need to consider. There is a way,” responded his Father.

sacrifical lamb   “Only the blood of a pure and innocent being, could substitute and cover the sinful blood of man. Since man is condemned and unclean, even the blood of a pure and innocent beast could cover his sin, yet only for a time, not forever. For the blood of an animal is not on the same level of life as a human who was created in Our image, so an animal sacrifice cannot entirely cover all their sin.  Yet to help them understand that sacrifice must take place for sin, I desire to bring into being a system of sacrifice, in which, when someone consciously recognizes their sin they will desire to make an animal sacrifice for it, although it pains me for an innocent animal to lose its life for a purposeful sinner. That single sin of the sinner would be covered by the pure essence of the animal’s substitute blood.”


“The critical point here is that each individual must recognize his or her own sin, regret and repent for it, and make such a sacrifice in sincere recompense before Me. Then I would forgive it, because an innocent life has been given for the sin committed. However, making a sacrifice without true and heartfelt repentance would not suffice, concluded the Father.”

“How will we instill this system of sacrifice on earth, Father?” asked Jesus. “I understand that substituting a pure life for a sinful life will pay the necessary price of justice.  But a human being would be continuously sacrificing pure and unblemished animals all their days for their sins. How can we generate such a population of innocent beasts to support such a ceaseless demand for these sacrifices?”


“Well, I have a plan,” assured God. Initially mankind in general will not hardly even recognize his sin. So first, we must form a people of Our own on earth who will first recognize their Lord God, what sin is, and then we will gradually introduce to them the concept of sacrifice for their sin through time. I will appoint certain beings who are right in their hearts toward us to serve as priests and prophets, and to clearly express my plans and commands to their people. We will communicate through these individuals. Our people will eventually erect a Tabernacle of worship to us of which I will specifically give them the idea and design when this time is come to pass. And then, in this temple the chief priest will commit a single animal sacrifice each year to atone for all the sins of the people for a period of one year.”

“In this manner, the world will save some precious beasts of the field,” responded Jesus, “and be a more effective system of sacrifice than one sacrifice per person per sin for generation to generation.”

“Yes, and the other primary purpose of placing Our people on earth is to testify of Us as their Lord and Protector, and witness and to lead other nations to know Us through them. Therefore, gradually the entire world will come to worship, acknowledge us, comprehend, and carry out this system of sacrifice to make themselves pure before us as these sacrifices are accepted.”

tabernacle of the Lord

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