the dark times of life  In every life path there are unexpected detours. In such times of tragedy, sorrow, severe health issues, and other mis-events, that we never suspected looming upon our horizon, how do we handle these times of dark obscurity?

One temptation that hits us full in the face and which is emphasized by Satan, is to be angry and turn our back on Our Creator and Lord for letting such tragedy fall uponSatan tempting us us.  We might fall into this temptation trap and turn our back to the Lord, but He will never turn his back on us. He is constantly beside us, striving to give us strength, comfort, consolation, and peace, regardless of our situation.

Jeus comforts us

In such terrible times, we must be aware of his presence and allow him to pour powerfully upon us these redeeming spiritual rescues. We must acknowledge his control over our life, and his will working toward something important for us to experience, his Perfect Plan for us. Although in these dark times it is difficult to imagine that we are in the midst of a perfect plan, but we are, we just cannot conclude why and where will lead us?

Blessings in your life  In these dark times it is sometimes most difficult to interpret our present reality. But if we look back on our lives and view the many blessings with which he has flooded our lives, and the magnified ways he has used us as an effective instrument, he certainly has not deserted us now, from our way, our life, nor our dependence upon him.





In these times our dependence upon him is critical. Think of Jesus’ time on earth for God’s perfect plan. He constantly received criticism, rebuke, and chastisement, all Jesus praying in Gethsemaneleading toward a finality for him.  Even the night of his betrayal, praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, he said to his Father, “I will accept your will, even though it leads me to strong opposition, a devastating night, and an excruciating death tomorrow.”  In the midst of this terrible time, Jesus was aware that God’s plan would bring salvation to his creation, and he was willing to subject himself to this unimaginable ordeal, for us!



This same light of hope and purpose exists for us all, not that we shall be crucified and beaten like Jesus, but that God’s plan, no matter what we are experiencing, has a positive ending for us. Unlike Jesus, we cannot presently grasp the purpose, outcome, and finality, but we must take him by the hand he is extending to us, to carry us forward.

Jesus reaching for us

I pray for those having to deal with darkness and tragic times each day, that they will feel the presence and power of the Lord and accept the path of great uncertainty and seeming disaster, knowing that he is guiding them according to his will.

Even though I have been diagnosed with ALS, a totally incurable disease with many deteriorating symptoms, I commit myself to God’s plan for my life, even though I have no idea where this will lead me right now. My only desire is to do all I can for Him while upon earth. And rely upon his daily presence, direction, and guidance to accomplish his will.

Of course, this is not easy for anyone, but it is our best alternative, rather than experiencing a desolate, hopeless, and devastating spiral downward in life!

God desires to fill us with his hope, help, and extend his Hand to carry us forward.

My hope is that you feel Jesus’ vital role in your life, and that you will allow him to lead you and levitate you above these circumstances. Let him carry you upward, stay Jeus comforts us2close to you, even in these moments of supreme difficulty. He loves us, cares for us, and has a perfect plan for each of us. Our rescue is to depend solely upon him, Our Savior and Lord!

I recently received a deeply spiritually meaningful card from a dear friend in Paraguay which expounded the many different names of God in the Old Testament:

Jehovah-Jireh (Provider)              Jehovah-Nissi (Battle Fighter)  

Jehovah-Shalom (Giver of Peace),    Jehovah-Rophe (Healer)                                                                       

Jehovah-Tsidekenu (Our Righteousness)

Jehovah-Shammah (Ever Present One)    Jehovah-Rohi (Good Shepherd).

With the message—God is your Strength, Friend, Wisdom, Hope, Security, Guide, Joy, Provider,

                                                              Help, Defender, Peace, Counselor, and Life.

                                                  All that He is, He is for You!

                                          I trust in You, O Lord; I say, “You are my God.”

                                                Psalm 31:14 (NIV)

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