Jesus, Our Lord, On Earth Book

Front cover of bookJesus, Our Lord, On Earth. This book begins with Jesus’ pivotal involvement with His Father in the Creation of our world. His great love for His fallen Creation is one of the primary motivating factors of His coming to earth to save us. But, before that could happen, God the Father had to arrange specific preparations in this world before His Son would come to earth. After the Creation and the preparations in the Old Testament, this book focuses on Jesus’ arrival on earth, his expansive ministry, and the many diverse challenges that he confronted every single day. This book consolidates all of the Bible relating to Jesus’ life on earth. Various aspects of his life here on earth were somewhat difficult, but all a part of God’s special plan for him. You will encounter the vast spectrum and a more personal perspective of his life and all that he did in order to present each of us an opportunity for salvation!
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