“Jesus, Our Lord, on Earth” is coming!

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Last Friday I submitted my final version of the edited manuscript of “Jesus, Our Lord, on Earth” to Xulon Press. October 31st was the deadline to meet in order for the book to be published before Christmas, which was my goal.

Jesus in a mangerIn this writing process I learned so much about the Father’s unique preparations for His Son’s arrival on earth, and Jesus’s daily challenges as the unexpected humble Messiah and His human experience in this world.  These facts made me appreciate so much more deeply all that Jesus did and persevered for us while here on earth. And each act by Him was Jesus praying to Godnothing but true love for His creation and an endless commitment to accomplish His special mission here in this world for each of us.



I pray that each reader will readily perceive the myriad of challenges that Jesus confronted and conquered to bring us salvation. These readings possess the principle and strong purpose to further deepen our relationship with Him. This is the overarching goal of this book which should manifest itself in the multiple inspirations He poured out on me during the writing process.

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When the book comes out I hope to arrange several book signings at churches, Prattville high School, and other locations to share this complete story of the Gospel with many fellow believers, and perhaps some who have not yet experienced a personal encounter with Our Lord. This would be very timely Christmas gift to share with others.

Please email me at: marlinharris@hotmail.com or leave me a comment if you would like to arrange a signing, desire a copy of the book, or wish to share the book as a gift for a family member or friend.


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