It's all about God's plans

Last July while trudging back up the slight hill from the mailbox to our home I noticed that my right foot was dropping and not functioning properly. This incapacity continued to worsen and started to spread upward through my leg to the point where I was limping every day and everywhere I went.  Then over Christmas it jumped into my arms and hands resulting in severe weakness and constant trembling and muscle twitching over all my body.  Also during this period I was losing significant weight, not from dieting, but from the atrophying of muscle mass—about 60 pounds to date.

“What is going on?” I continuously asked myself. But in God, I have total confidence. He has a plan no matter how it appears to us.  It is always perfect for His purposes. God has a bigger plan than I have for myself-2 Now I am awaiting a diagnosis which, hopefully, will result in a treatment regimen to reverse or at least slow down this degenerative disease process.  Although I am in the midst of a stormy situation, I reside on an island of peace with my Lord Almighty each day and He calms my heart.

During these difficult months God has been leading me, giving me the necessary perseverance and determination to complete my teaching responsibilities at the end of May. Now I have no recourse but to retire with disability. At the same time He has bestowed upon me His definitive desire for what He wants me to do next. And it all begins with the Beatitudes. As I have stated repeatedly, “The Beatitudes bring us closer to Jesus,” In my increased intimacy with My Savior and Lord, He has placed a specific sensitivity to His inspiration toward the “next step”.

Jesus healing  We are all very familiar with Jesus, His life, His purpose, and the Scriptures revealing His diverse ministry on Earth. But at the same time He is mostly observed as a New Testament figure who lived on Earth 2,000 years ago.  “I want people to see what my daily life was like on Earth,” He has constantly said to me. “so that they can identify with me even more, understand my daily dilemmas and the desires of my heart. I want to be more ‘personal’ to every person.”

His stated desire on my heart has opened the next chapter in my life, regardless of my health situation—to write a book about His life on Earth. It begins with the Creation Divine fellowshipStory, then continues with God’s preparations on Earth for Jesus, His coming and ministry, and dynamic interaction with humanity.

Jesus in a manger  My pleasure will be to share excerpts from each chapter with you.  Currently I   am developing Chapter 5—His Coming to Earth. Now I realize that such a book, could be controversial to some, but my basis of writing will be exclusively from the Scriptures and with the sole purpose of making the message of the Good News and Jesus’ purpose on Earth even clearer to people who have never captured his salvation message.Jesus-poor in spirit

Please pray with me and for me in this writing process and in just a few days I will begin to share with you portions of what is already written thus far.  My goal is to finish the book by the end of July. Your comments, suggestions, and feedback will be much appreciated and very meaningful for me.

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  1. Marlin; I am sorry to hear of your struggles and pray that you will get good reports. Praying for health, strength and renewed energy. I know God will work for your good!
    I have walked thru a similar valley over the last year but can tell you I have been so blessed to see how God has been faithful thru every step. It seems, almost month by month, the Lord enlarges the picture and I see more of what He has planned. It is always for my good and for my future. He had opened doors I would never have walked thru before, but His ways are perfect!
    I will be adding you to my prayer journal and also look forward to reading your posts.
    I have no doubt that He has great things in store. Praying you will be anointed to write and share as Holy Spirit leads and many will be touched and blessed by your work. God bless friend.
    Sharon Hyatt-Armstrong

  2. as a very old friend this transition in your life and the lives of those around you truly reaches inside my soul. You have made me reach into my head for some answes. How do I deal with my daily struggles.? How do I serve humanity.? Do I preach to my Father or do I listen.? I will be waiting to read your words. Take care my friend. Prayers are arriving for the Good Word.

  3. Senor Harris,
    I can not believe that I am just know finding your blog! You are such a quiet and humble servant of the Lord. I had no idea about all of your television interviews and posts. I am not as savvy with social media as you are but am excited to discover all of the work you have in progress. It is so evident that God is using you! HE has given you this time to “be still” so that you will have more time to write and blog. You will certainly be able to reach more people on here that you would hidden in a classroom on that dark Junior Hall at PHS. I am praying daily for your healing but there is no physical limitation that Satan can bind you with that will stop you from using this computer. Jessica Cox and her many spiritual and inspirational posts are certainly evidence of that. I am so blessed to know you and was very moved as I watched your interviews. I plan to go back and reread your Beatitudes study with a “new attitude”. I read your book the first time in my pre-cancer days. I think I will have a whole different perspective now as the trials and struggles of health difficulties have opened my eyes spiritually in a way that they would not have been before. I am closer to God now and have felt his presence as he carried me through the sand with one set of Footprints. I know he will continue to carry you as well.
    With love and prayers,
    Lydia Thigpen

  4. I enjoyed your first excerpt and will read all of them. I see no room for improvement. I would like to buy several copies when you finish. You are in my prayers. Have you considered a Spanish version? I have friends who take mission trips to Central America every year, and your book would be helpful. May Gis continue to bless you!