Take the Beatitudes to Our Generation!

The Beatitudes scrollTake the Beatitudes to Our Generation!

Sermon on the Mount Jesus shared the Beatitudes immediately before preaching the Sermon Beatitude listenerson the Mount and declared that they will make His salt and light in this world. They will draw us closer to Him as we become even more sensitive and effective instruments for Him on earth.




jewelsThe unbelievable truth is that these spiritual jewels have laid basically unexplored by Christianity for two thousand years! Few believers have truly immersed themselves in these great blessings. God wants our generation to discover and fully experience His Beatitudes. May we adorn ourselves with their spiritual beauty so that He can see Himself in us!

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Our Lord has arranged a unique opportunity for you to discover the Beatitudes in a group experience with others. It will be an unforgettableBeatitude list2 season of growth with Our Lord! The Beatitudes are a launching pad to new levels of commitment to God. I speak from my own personal experience and how they have changed my life and walk with Our Lord.


I must share how this came to pass because God clearly ordained each step.


We must continuously seek His “next step”. After the publication of “Let the Beatitudes Be My Attitude in You” in October, 2012 several readers shared that they desired to use the book to conduct a group Bible study on the Beatitudes. It had never even crossed my mind that God would want to use the book in this way.


Pam and her group at Trinity Presbyterian

Pam and her group at Trinity United Methodist

A group at Trinity United Methodist church, led by Pam Frederick, a colleague of mine at Prattville High School, invited me to their first session to introduce the Beatitudes and share how they had impacted my life. When I left that evening I was totally overcome with emotion and the conviction that God could mightily use a group study for people to come to know His Beatitudes. I have no doubt that this was God’s preconceived plan to help carry the Beatitudes to this generation.

Then another colleague of mine, Barry Barnett, my director in the online teaching ACCESS program wrote me that he was going to use the book to lead a study with his boys Sunday School class! Barry and Lisa Barnett

Barry and Lisa Barnett



Then a Paraguay medical mission volunteer colleague , Zelma Forte wrote me that her Sunday School class in Murphreesboro, Tennessee was going to do the study, led by Marcia Tilford.

Westwood Baptist Church

Westwood Baptist Church



Then my own church asked me to conduct the Beatitudes Study with them last fall which was a marvelous experience and a great opportunity to learn as an actual group leader.

Wadsworth Baptist Church

Wadsworth Baptist Church

Final Version of Study Guide Cover

To help all these study groups I felt strongly led to develop a Group Leader Study Guide through Crossbooks, a division of LifeWay. This guide presents the significant life changing message from each Beatitude and prepares each group for a powerful Beatitudes Moment in each of the 10 lessons. To help facilitate the work of the group leader God also inspired the creation of lesson power points with dynamic images, amazing music and video media that enhance each Beatitude message. Each lesson captures the central point of that Beatitude, encourages a time of deep meditation with Our Lord, and shares unbelievable messages in song and video.




Our Lord also motivated the construction of a special website: http://questforthebeatitudes.org/which would not have been possible without the invaluable assistance of Bekah Law, the daughter of fellow missionaries from Paraguay. The principle purpose of the website is to provide assistance to Group Leaders preparing to lead this study. Included on the site is a video introduction to the study, filmed and produced by Dave Hicks, a close friend and youth minister. The power points are available on the website with links to all the music and video materials for later insertion in the power points, along with other support materials and other forthcoming assistance.

On the website, both The Beatitudes Bible Study Guide and signed copies of Let the Beatitudes Be My Attitude in You can be ordered at discounted prices along with USB Flash drives loaded with lesson power points with all media materials already embedded. These materials can be purchased as a package or in individual units to facilitate the group study preparations for the Group Leader. I would strongly encourage each group participant to read the Beatitudes book while completing the study for an even deeper and more personal pilgrimage through these incredibly rich messages from Our Lord.

My next two blogs will share how the Lord has inspired other avenues to magnify His Beatitudes to our generation. He is pressing me onward with amazing new ideas and I am very eager to share with you some that are already “in the works”.

Please email me at marlinharris@hotmail.com with any questions. If you wish to begin a study group it will be my great honor to help get you organized, equipped, and into the Quest to bring the Beatitudes to our generation. My prayer is that God will lead YOU to be a pioneer to share the Beatitudes with others. May He bless you as you consider this abundant opportunity to enrich lives for Christ in 2014!

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