The Creation Story, Part 1

Today I begin sharing excerpts from my manuscript, “Jesus, Our Lord, on Earth”.  God is the Father, and Jesus is His Son. A son always learns so much from his father, and desires to emulate him in every way.  And in time, he increases in the knowledge of his father. Especially, if his father is God Almighty! And that is the process in this book–Jesus learning so much from His Father, and comes to love so much His creation. In the next blog I will share the Sixth and Seventh Days of  creation, in which man appears on earth, and the subsequent events that occur. Hope you enjoy reading this portion. Please feel free to share any comments, suggestions, in the text and also ideas for the title of the book. with me.


Jesus, Our Lord, on Earth

Chapter 1—The Creation

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being by Him and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being.  In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.

John 1:1-4 (NIV)

hands making the world


formless and void   God approached the massive and encroaching formless void and spoke, “Come, My Son. I have an awe inspiring task for you to accomplish. And I will share with you my preferences as We begin”.

“Here I AM, My Father,” replied Jesus, as he suddenly appeared from Heaven’s hallowed hallways,“ And, as always, I will do exactly as You command. You brought me into being and I will always love, respect, and obey your wishes.”

“Jesus, Your Presence has enriched mine! I would not want to exist without you by my side,” responded the Father with evident joy in his voice. Now His focus returned to the task at hand.

“Do you see those heavens and earth? They are presently formless and void. Let us pass over them, My Son, and follow my inspirations as you perceive each one.”

“Of course, My Father. You are all-knowing and always the origin of my every motivation,” replied Jesus, smiling, and gently grasping his Father’s shoulder.

“Let there be light, to eliminate the darkness” suggested the Father to His Son. creation of light

“Of course,” My Father. “I AM the Light, and I will create the very light You desire!”

Thus broke forth a strong and intense radiance as the first stage of Creation began. The Light of the Son shone, and the light of the sun would appear much later.

“This is beautiful, My Son. Exactly as I envisioned. You always fulfill my desire. Now we must separate the light from the darkness. They are incompatible,” declared the Father.

Jesus responded immediately, “Yes, Father, you are correct, because darkness is not who I AM, nor never wish to be!” And Jesus commanded the dispersal and division of these two opposite elements of the universe.

God expounded, “We will call the light, day, and the darkness, night.”

And thus concluded the Day One of Creation. Then, after a brief interim back in Heaven, God beckoned to His Son again. “We are just getting started, Son. I need you to continue this task with Me.

“Of course, My Father. Whatever you desire.” And they sauntered out of Heaven together.

“Now, Jesus,” began the Father as he pointed into the present state of Creation, “let us create spaciousness in the midst of this mass of waters, for a reason.separating heavens and earth

So Jesus separated the waters which were below, from the waters which were above, just as His Father requested. And then the heavens brilliantly appeared!

“Great work, again, My Son. These heavens must shine. Now we will have evening and morning for this world,” and Day Two of Creation had been completed.

“Yes, My Father, as always, according to Your divine plan, apparent chaos falls into perfect order,” exclaimed Jesus, with much satisfaction, “And I am honored to be a part of this creative process, and am grateful to eliminate the chaos and create Your order. I am always learning from you!” as he smiled boldly back to God.

“My Son, it is my pleasure to involve you, and it has many reasons behind it,” responded His Father solemnly.

creation of land  “Now, Jesus, Our task continues. Please separate those waters below the heavens, and create a solid ground in their midst.

Jesus proclaimed, “Let dry land appear!” and a bulk of earth came into shape between the seas.

“We will call the dry land, ‘earth,’ and the waters ‘seas’, “spoke God. “Your work is so good, My Son. You’ve performed exactly according to My impeccable plan for this creation!” the Father complemented His Son. “However, there is one more action required right now. We don’t desire just a piece of barren land. Bring forth vegetation to cover the earth and foster plant life upon it,” requested God.

“Father, I will create foliage yielding seeds, and trees bearing fruit, to reproduce themselves on the earth perpetually.”  And thus plant life emerged, sprouted, and plantsmultiplied, as Jesus spoke the greenery into existence.

“This is excellent, My Son, and so concludes the Day Three of Our Creation.”

“Hmmm,” thought Jesus, “three has always been one of my favorite numbers!” And he sensed strongly that this very number would become integral in His future at some point. Jesus retreated back into the Halls of Heaven, briefly unoccupied with his “creation work” to enjoy the splendor of his home, and the pleasure of the adoring angels surrounding him. But then the Father called him back out of Heaven again.

“My Son, these plants require a specific light to remain alive, and we must provide them that special source of light forever, and to establish day and night in this world. Let’s get creative again!” laughed God encouragingly to his Son.

sun and the moon2

“Sure, My Father, I can certainly create all the light this world needs.” So Jesus shaped two distinct orbs in the heavens: a greater light to govern the day, which he named the “sun,” and a lesser light to rule the night, entitled the “moon”. And then He sprinkled across the skies beautiful stars, sparkling and visible at night, which would give signs of the seasons on earth for days and years, and centuries to follow.

“Once again, My Son, your work is spectacularly good,” declared the Father, “and so finishes the Day Four of Our creation.”

fish  God turned to his Son, “Now we must bring into being other than mere plant life on this planet that We have created. Let’s begin with the seas,” He suggested to His Son. “Create life in the waters at all depths.”

So Jesus devotedly dipped His Hands into those waters below the heavens and the seas spontaneously began to teem with swarms of living creatures, and even birds birdsappeared and began to fly over the seas and forested land. I AM the source of life and creating life is delightful for me,” declared Jesus, laughing exuberantly to His Father.

God blessed the work of His Son and the abundant life on earth swarming in the seas and abounding in the skies, “Be fruitful and multiply.” And so concluded the Fifth Day.

After a brief interlude, God summoned His Son again, “Today we will focus on life on the land just as we did with the seas yesterday. You have already created a forested vegetation on earth where these creatures will naturally dwell,” stated the Father to His Son.

Jesus responded to His Father’s indication, “Let the earth bring forth living creatures after their kind, every kind of beast.” And four legged animals began to appear on earth of every size, species, and genus.

four legged beasts

“Once again, My Son,” proclaimed the Father, “Your work is so superior!”

“Thank You, My Father. I am here solely to please and fulfill Your Holy desire,” responded Jesus, as he felt a wondrous sense of satisfaction in his heart for the confidence of His Father in Him.

God and Jesus

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