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The Beatitudes are the heart of Christ and will make our life in Christ extremely bountiful. When the Holy Spirit abides and abounds within us we come to intimately know His Fruit which will empower us to live out the might of the Beatitudes. We can then live as Jesus did upon this earth. As He shared the Beatitudes with His disciples immediately before the Sermon on the Mount, he told them that the Beatitudes would make them His Salt, to flavor the world around them with His Love, and become His Light to shine and reflect His great teachings to those in our path of life. It is amazing how the Fruit of the Spirit coincides in order with the Beatitudes and will help us culminate each one in our life.


The Fruit of the Spirit                                                                         The Beatitudesthe poor in Spirit

Love & Joy                                                                                          The Poor in Spirit

the poor in spirit 2 We are merely lost and desperate spiritual beggars with no spiritual security.  When we recognize God with His majesty and grandeur, and all His Son did for us, we fall in LOVE with Him and become JOYOUS and confident in our position before God, because of the Cross of Christ allows us to enter the Land of the Beatitudes.






Peace                                                                                                    Those Who Mourn

God seeks to comfort us, console us, and give us peace in the midst of our mourning. But even more so, Jesus desires to carry all our burdens for us and rescue us from mournmourn2despair. We must depend entirely upon Jesus to carry us and our burdens through the Valley of Despair or up the Mountain of Tragedy we must experience in this sinful world.







Patience                                                                                                      The Meek

MeekWe must put away our strong personal and desperate desires that detour and distract us from what Christ wants us to do. He will then meek2direct us in every aspect of our life for Him. Our “me” disappears and Jesus becomes all we are. He guides us to our inheritance for Him in this world and His Light shines clearly through us to others. Jesus’s humility must be our model for life






hunger & thirst

Goodness                                         Those who hunger and thirst after righteousness

Now we recognize the great goodness of God and desire to come to know Him ever more fully as we search the Scriptures in the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to deepen our understanding of all He had done for us. He fills us with great contentment and spiritual strength in our heart, mind, and soul.


mercifulKindness                                                                   The merciful


When we experience our personal encounter with Jesus we are dramatically impacted first hand with His great mercy which has reached down from Heaven to rescue us from our passionately committed sin. He knocks on the door of our heart and we exuberantly open it for Him to enter and abide in our life. He engulfs us in His great mercy and we extend it to all those around us with no reservations.merciful2








Faith                                                                                                            The Pure in Heart

Our faith has been magnificently magnified through these first five Beatitudes and the Fruit of the Holy Spirit in us. Now our “soul desire” is to be one with Our Lord, however we must open our heart entirely before Him to cleanse it of any resilient sin that stands between us. When we confess that obstruction between us, we can see Him clearly, and see the world as he sees it. Our heart is transparent before Him and before all those around us.

pure in heart


Meekness                                                                                           The Peacemakers


We now know and live in meekness and mercy which allows us to be purposeful and effective instruments of Our Lord for His Kingdom on thispeacemakers2 earth. We share His love, His Gospel, and then promise of salvation with the world, helping to reconcile man with God everywhere we go. His Spirit leads us and guides us to be peacemakers for Him, just as He was on earth.





Self-control                                  Those who are persecuted for righteousness sake


persecutedWhen the world reacts with hatred toward us because of our peacemaking purposes, our strong spirit encompasses us and gives us determination to be courageous for Christ, regardless of what it may cost. Now we can control our natural reaction of self to fear, just as Jesus did. We know we will join Him soon in Heaven for all eternity.persecuted2

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