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                                                            Jesus imparted these heavenly promises before declaring the deep meanings of the Law in His Sermon on the Mount. He affirmed that the Beatitudes would make us His salt and light on earth, flavoring our world with His love and passion to be effective messengers of His salvation mission to mankind. This powerful passage also assures abundant spiritual blessings for every believer.

confused apathetic Christian   The great misfortune is that the Beatitudes are relatively unknown by many Christians. A vague familiarity may exist, but can many actually recite them, perceive their deep meanings, and prosper in their promises? Could Jesus be distraught that His Body has not seriously engaged in these incredible truths He laid out for us centuries ago?



The Beatitudes are an astounding spiritual pilgrimage that will remake us as who we are in Christ. They are a passionate walk and relationship with Him in which you surrender a piece of your heart in each one. The Beatitudes fortify and transport us into deeper intimacy with Our Savior. We become completely consumbeatitudes2ed with Jesus! Why would we want to pass them by? Some are understandably difficult to grasp and undertake, but they empower our growth and witness, equipping us for heavenly living on earth.




Beatitudes -3 The Beatitudes are who Jesus was on this earth, revealing His character and personality. They carry us to comprehend the inner self of Our Lord and transform us to live as He did on earth.

  • Jesus was never poor in spirit until that precise moment He assumed our deadly sin. Our Lord and the Creator of the universe stepped down from heaven and Jesus-poor in spiritclothed Himself in human flesh to be our sacrifice. We must see ourselves as spiritual beggars before Christ, recognizing all that He did for us.
  • Those who mourn totally trust in Him to carry us through and release us from our distresses. Jesus displayed this same desperate Jesus praying to his fatherdependence daily to His Father for guidance and sustenance on earth. Jesus promises and pours comfort and peace upon us beyond all understanding.
  • The meek must seek less of me and more of Him in genuine humility, just like Jesus walked this earth totally submitting daily to His Father’s Will. Our inheritance are incredible days—His perfect plan for our lives.

Jesus washing the disciples feet

We have now set aside our spiritual pride, converted our mourning into a brand new morning. Our ego is gone. We have no distractions. Our primary desire is to focus only on God!

  • We hunger and thirst for His Word which is now our world. We come to understand it more fully and the mighty messages of Jesus to proclaim His ministry. Jesus is the word2Our appetites are ravenous, yet we are constantly filled.
  •  His Word enables the merciful to deeply comprehend His great mercy. We are overwhelmed by our personal mercy encounter with Jesus! His mercy now floods us and flows to others, just as Jesus imparted acts of abundant mercy everywhere He went.                                                                     closer to Jesus
  • The pure in heart possess a fervent desire to be at one with God. Yet total honesty with ourselves and God pose a significant challenge. We must fully expose our inner self to His Holy scrutiny, confessing all sin and any addiction that impedes our relationship. After desperately pleading for its removal we become totally Jesus pure in hearttransparent with Our Lord, just as Jesus was daily with His Father. He never held anything back, not even in the Garden!  We now see Him clearly and view the world through His eyes.
  • Jesus the peacemaker  Peacemakers spring from pure hearts and are clearly recognized as His children. Our mission is to reconcile the lost to the Father through His Gospel and promote peace between people, utilizing heavenly wisdom.  We leave peace prints wherever we go, just like Jesus did.
  • In this sinfully dominated world our peacemaking efforts will provoke persecution. We will suffer, whether daily in pieces, or all at one time. At this stage of our spiritual walk there are no regrets nor desires to turn back, because we are totally committed to Christ. Like Jesus on the cross, we are ready to profess Him, defend His name, and, if necessary, die for HimJesus the persecuted


Do you see how the Beatitudes lead us to live like Jesus did on this earth?  Do you see their purposeful sequenced order? Each one leads you to and prepares you for the next one, bringing you progressively closer to God and to live more like Him.


Let the Beatitudes cultivate the real Jesus in you, and become His attitude in all you do.  Truly experience them!  Let them compel you to carry His Beatitudes message to our generation.  Jesus will thank you immensely!

Praising Jesus10

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  1. Thank you so much for your affirming comment. And I promise to work even harder on this website, because the Beatitudes bring us closer to Our Lord Jesus, and there is more that He is leading me to share with all who visit. May God bless your mightily!


  2. Greetings! Very helpful advice within this post!
    It is the little changes that mzke the biggest changes.

    Thanks a lot for sharing!