When Jesus was born, so were The Beatitudes!

Jesus in a manger

  “Can it be that on this night, in this humble place,”

 ”Heaven’s majesty in human form appeared?”

 ”Savior, Emmanuel, Perfect Grace and Truth,”

 ”King of all, Jesus Christ, Hope has come.”

 ”Rejoice, rejoice, The Promised One appeared,”

 ”Rejoice, rejoice, God’s Salvation’s here!”

 ”Glory to God, Glory to God, Glory to God, forever and ever!

 Excerpts from the anthem “Rejoice,” Composed by Jody Cross, arranged by Adam Lancaster & produced by Thomas Road Baptist Church  Rejoice anthem

I was so blessed to sing this amazing song with a good friend and choir colleague in our church’s Christmas Cantata this past Sunday morning. I have never seen a song that captures so vividly God’s great goodness expressed through His Only Son, coming to earth and wrapping Himself in fragile and frail human flesh to become the ultimate sacrifice of love to bring His own lost creation back to Himself.

Satan, Adam & Eve


Our Lord exceeds and extrapolates beyond human comprehension a passionate love for a wildly rebellious creation that pridefully and purposefully, with the prompting of Satan, fractured the divine fellowship He so savored with us.  Our Savior, who came to dwell with us, now yearns to dwell within us every single day of our lives.

Divine fellowship






Jesus, on earth, was a human being, fully God and yet fully man, and the perfect Person. How can we understand Jesus’ inner self? Well, He revealed His charBeatitudes -3acter and  personality profile to us at the very beginning of His mighty ministry on earth. The Beatitudes are who Jesus was in this world: succumbing to the cross and assuming our sin to become poor in spirit, pouring consolation upon all who mourned, restraining His heavenly power in meekness, hungering ravenously for God’s Word, displaying mercy in every place He stepped, revealing His pure heart in every action and reaction, being the ultimate peacemaker to reconcile man with God, and as the very One persecuted for our righteousness sake.


That is the very reason He shared The Beatitudes with mankind, even before preaching His first sermon to the multitudes. Why would have He done that?  Because theyJesus sermon on mount are so important to Him! And they are who He is!  So they are vital for us.  The Beatitudes enable us, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to become more like Jesus and live as He did while on this earth.



The Beatitudes are JesusTake up the Beatitudes this year. They far surpass any New Year’s resolution. They are His solutions–God’s attitude, His blessings and promises come to live in us! To help us become His effective instruments on earth. Don’t pass them by.  Allow Our Lord to make you who He desires you to be through them and live out His plan for your life. There is so much in them stored up for you!





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This His deepest desire for you–to come even closer to Him, and become even more like Him through His beautiful attitudes--The Beatitudes! closer to Jesus

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